Feb 132010
Brew in carrier

Get me out of this thing!

I have had several barfisodes, lately, and my human started gettin’ worried about me. She put me in this awful cage thing and stuffed me in it in her pick-up truck. I was not a happy camper.

The truck made loud noise and it made me feel all shaky inside. I made sure that my displeasure was known. I yowled as loud as any cat can. Unfortunately, it did not help any.

Save for a few indignities, things were a little better when we got to the V-E-T office.

Brew vet exam

Gettin' checked out

There was that dog in the waiting room that sorta freaked me out, and there was that whole thermometer thing…

But Dr. Jeff and vet tech Heather were pretty nice. And they told me that nothing was seriously wrong with me.

The cure, however, is something that I am still kinda mad at them about.

First, they stuck that needle in my shoulder blades. EEEEEEEEOOOOWWWW!!!!  Then they said that I had to take lots of GOOP.  I hate hairball GOOP!!!!

Oh, well, I am feelin’ a little better now. No more barfisodes so far.

Thanks for takin’ good care of me, Dr. Jeff and Heather.

Just Meowin’.

The Brew