Month: July 2010

Artful Cats: Can You Help Whiskers Find a Home?

"Whiskers" Drawing by BZTAT

I watched my human BZTAT draw this drawing last week.

She doesn’t usually do artwork where I can see it, because she usually goes to the studio to paint.

But this is a drawing, not a painting. She made it because she was touched by this cat’s story.

The cat’s name is Whiskers. And my, does she have some fabulous whiskers to earn herself that name!

Whiskers is an older kitty, probably about 15 years old. She is living in a foster home right now and looking fur a more permanent family. She was treated poorly in her previous home.

WhiskersWhiskers is a gentle and quiet cat with a lotta love to give. For various reasons, she cannot stay where she is now fur long. Would you help her find a home?

She lives in Richmond, VA right now, but can travel to a new home anywhere in the USA.

There are lotsa critters out there who are older and lookin’ fur homes. Sadly, most people want kittens or puppies, and they overlook the beauty and richness that they could receive from an animal who already knows the ropes.

BZTAT and I know that we can’t help every cat that needs it. But every now and then, we try to help one out as much as we can. We wanna help Whiskers. Can you help us do it?

Please share this post with people who might be interested, or better yet, write yer own post about Whiskers on yer own blog. You can learn more about her here.

Whiskers deserves it, dontcha think?

Whoever gives Whiskers a furever home will also get this original drawing by BZTAT as a bonus. Art and cat–What an opportunity!

Just Meowin’.

The Brew

Been Sleepin’ on the Job

Brew at restI’ve been sleepin’ on the job lately.  And since sleepin’ IS my job, I have been hard at work.

It’s what we cats do best.

I did do some red carpet work this past weekend as well.

There was a big shindig at the monthly pawpawty on Twitter.

The Anipal Academy Awards was a part of the pawty, and all the critters were dressed to the nines.


(Thank goodness none of the pawparazzi were around to see me clawin’ that red carpet, hehe.)

I got to present an award to my good pal Frugal Dougal who won the best staff video award.

You may remember the video. It was the one that Dougal’s staff put together for the BlogPaws “Be the Change” panel that set off a whole new movement to help animals in need.


Dougal also won a special recognition Anipaltarian Award for all he does to raise money for animal rescues with the pawpawties.

You can read all the scoop about the event at the Anipal Academy Awards Blog.

Thanks to the Academy fur puttin’ on such a spectacular show, and fur including me in the Awards presentation.

Now, back to work.


Just Meowin’.

The Brew