Month: March 2011

V-E-TS and Schtuffs

Ya know, awhile back, I had to go see Dr. Jeff, my V-E-T. He’s a nice enough guy, but, ya know, it’s in the Cat Handbook that you have to despise V-E-Ts, so I do.

So when my nemesis Slick’s time for her check-up came, I snickered. Serves her right, hehe.

Who, my pal and wrestling partner, had to go see Dr. Jeff too.

Cat carriers

They both were pretty vocal about their displeasure with the whole business about being put in carriers and stacked in the front seat of BZTAT’s truck.

Slick tortoise shell cat veterinarian exam
"I am gonna whisker slap someone." - Slick

First Dr. Jeff served up the indignities to Slick.

Everything looked OK, but he wanted to do blood work since she is 16 years old.

Then Who had his turn.

Who Maine Coon Cat veterinarian exam
"Where's the escape hatch here?" - Who

Who got the bad news that some of his teeth were looking bad, so he has to go back in May to get them cleaned.Who was in a pretty foul humor when he got home. Guess he didn’t like my snickers.

Slick just ignored me, like she usually does.

Dr. Jeff called today with the results of Slick’s blood work. Her renal values weren’t good, which means her kidneys are startin’ to fail. Not unusual for an older cat, he said, but she needs Rx noms and medicine now.

Crap. Does that mean I hafta be nice to her now?


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