Jul 082011

Drawing by BZTAT

Have you heard about THE Pets Add Life (PAL) campaign? Here’s the scoop according to the PAL Facebook Page:

About – We’re dedicated to pets – from spreading the joys & benefits they give us to increasing adoptions to responsible ownership.

Description – Pets Add Life (PAL) is a national, non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting the positive role pets play in the health and well being of people, families and communities.

Mission – To increase responsible pet ownership and enhance our bond with animals.

Apparently some humans are still clueless about how wonderful it is to be owned by a pet. So they asked a bunch of us pet  bloggers to help them get the meow out. They also wanted us to share a bit about the joys of bein’ a multi-pet family.

I figured that I could use my Fabulous Five Cat Friday post to help with that endeavor.

If ya didn’t already know, we are a five cat household here. It really wasn’t planned that way, but, ya know, schtuff happens.

Slick and Noah were at our house in Dellroy, OH when I arrived on the scene. Slick was already 9 years old, and she had recently lost her feline companion Bub to the Rainbow Bridge. Noah was a kitten, and he proved to be a bit too fast and rough fur Slick. So I was added to the mix to give Noah some distraction. It worked (although I have been know to chase my nemesis Slick around a bit myself).

Who came to live with us a few years later after we moved to downtown Canton, OH. He is Noah’s brother and litter mate. He had been livin’ with our human BZTAT‘s mom, but he came in with us when she had to go to a nursing home.

Then Okey came to live with us last October after bein’ rescued from the parking lot behind our building in Downtown Canton.

Yeah, all of us were rescued in one way or another.

We are all quite famous on the interwebs because I like to blog and tweet, and BZTAT likes to post photos of us on Facebook. Four of us are also featured in a mural by BZTAT in the Canton Arts District, and there is a whole website dedicated to Okey’s inspiration. Okey will be featured in a mural by BZTAT too. That mural will be hung on a building later on this month.


"Downtown Cats" mural by BZTAT

If you ask BZTAT, she will tell you right upfront she never wanted to have 5 cats. Although she is a crazy cat lady, she has been pretty good at settin’ her limits. But now that we are all here, she can’t imagine living without every single one of us.

What would life be like without her Fabulous Five Felines? I mean REALLY!

She would tell ya that, not only do pets add life, they are her life. Duh. I mean, that’s just common sense, right?

Doesn’t every human need the kind of lovin’, purrin’, laugh-producin’ energy a cat has to offer? Don’t all humans wanna be amused and touched by the unique differences in each cats’ way of doin’ things and addin’ personality to the home?

Bein’ a multi-pet family is just FABULOUS!

I really like this Pets Add Life Campaign, because it not only talks up the benefits of havin’ pets, it also gives you tips and ideas about how to be a good, responsible pet person. And it gives you opportunities to share yer own experiences. Heh, I posted my photo on their Facebook Page today. You can share yer own photos and info there too!

So what about you? Do you have pets? Do you have more than one? What kind of life do they add to yer home? Please share yer stories in the comments. And while yer at it, read the other PAL bloggers’ stories too! Here’s their blogs:


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the meow about the benefits and joys of pet ownership. Or, ya know, ownership of humans. Whatever, they think I am important, so they are willin’ to compensate me. But I only meow about schtuff I believe in, no matter what the compensation. Better be tuna, is all I can meow.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

Jul 072011

Brewskie-Butt-Nose-Offense-productI must preface this post with a clarification. My litterbox output don’t stink.

But I share boxes with 4 other cats. Noah and Who? OMC. PEEEEE-YOOOOO!!!

It must be the Maine Coon curse. No matter what food they eat, the output is quite odoriferous. I”m just meowin’.

So, when the good folks at Nose Offense sent us a bottle of their product, I was quite hopeful. And you know what?


This schtuff is an odor neutralizer, not a stinky fragrance to mask a smell. And it really does clear the air of odors.

They also claim that:

The product is biodegradable.
The spray bottle is made from recycled plastic.
The flutes (wavy inner section of carton) are constructed using 100% recycled material and the entire carton is recyclable.
The plastic bags, paper filler and labels used in shipping are biodegradable and made from 100% recycled paper.

(I copied the info and the paw prints from their website. Clever, huh?)

I gotta share this product with ya, cuz it really does work, and you should consider emailin’ this post to yer human. As well as it worked fur litter box odors, I am sure it works well fur other odors too.

Disclosure: Nose Offense has generously provided free product for this review. We are happy to share our thoughts about the product, however, all of the opinions about the product are mine and my human’s and not dictated in any way by the company.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew