Art of Fabulous Five Felines on Instagram

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Apr 122015

My human BZTAT is an artist, and she likes to take photos of me and my crew. She does not claim to be a photographer, she is a fine art painter by trade. She likes to mess around with the photos she takes in different mobile apps, though, and she creates digital paintings with them. She posts them to her Instagram account when she is done with them.

Here is one of me. (She likes to take pix of me whenever I am doing my most favorite thing.)


Here is one of Okey…. (Snoozing is her favorite thing too.)


Here is one of Mia Meow… (She’s always alert and chasing something.)


Here is one of Who… (I appreciate his efforts to wake the sleeping giant so we can get breakfast.)


And here is one of Noah. (Purring in his own little Noah world.)

Now you have seen my whole crew.

She can do a digital portrait fur you too! She can make it and print it fur you, or she can email the digital image to you and you can print it yerself. How cool is that?

She does a lot of other portraits and fun artworks as well. Visit my human’s website to see about getting yer portrait or just to see some cool art. And if yer on Instagram, follow her there and see artwork photos hot off the press.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

Apr 012015
BrewskiBrewskie Butt Orange and White Cat Drawing by BZTAT

Drawing by BZTAT

Yo. It’s that day that comes around once a year where we celebrate one of the greatest things that ever happened. Yep, it’s my birthday. I was born some eleven years ago, or thereabouts.

Truth be told, No one knows the exact date I came into this world, but it was sometime in April, so April Fool’s Day seems to be the best day to go with.

Not that I am a fool, or nothin’. I can be a bit of a prankster, though.

Humans celebrate birthdays like crazy. They throw parties, eat cake, share presents, and have all kinds of fun.

Betty White had a flash mob on her birthday.

The world celebrates its birthday with fireworks.
Brewskie Butt Cat Pawty Animal

Art by BZTAT

I and my Twitter pals once held a Paw Pawty on Twitter fur my birthday that lasted 24 hrs and included critters from all over the world. After that, it grew into a big thing where there was a Paw Pawty every month to raise money fur animal rescues. There are still Paw Pawties happening on Twitter all the time.

I am not so much a pawty animal anymore. I tend to spend my time relaxin’ in sun puddles and chasin’ Mia Meow. But hey. Why not have a BREW and a nip cigar fur old time’s sake?
Whatever YOU do today, make sure it is purr-worthy fur my birthday, OK?
Just Meowin’,
The Brew