Brew’s adult coloring book is comin’ soon!

Brewskie Butt Cat Drawing Easel painting BZTAT Adult Coloring Book
Drawing by BZTAT

My human and I are gonna collaborate again. She’s decided to use me as her creative muse again. I think I  can handle this.

I like adventures, and my human, Artist BZTAT likes to draw pictures of me. It’s a good partnership.

BZTAT made an adult coloring book this past summer, and it’s been selling like TUNA. I mean, WOW! Lotsa folks have gone nuts over Artist BZTAT’s Color Me Cats Coloring Book! There’s just one thing wrong with that book. It only has one picture of ME in it.

After a bit of pushin’ her, she has agreed to make her follow-up book ALL ABOUT ME.

Just Meowin’ with Brewskie Butt – Adult Coloring Book with Art by BZTAT is on the drawing board, folks, and its gonna be filled with drawings of my adventures. These will be drawings that you can color yerself. How cool is that?

I can hardly wait! Woohoo!

Here’s a sample image from the coloring book.

Adult Coloring Book page of cat character Brewskie Butt
Drawing by BZTAT

We’ll be selling it right here at Just Meowin’. Pre-orders will start soon. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t purchased yer copy of BZTAT’s first coloring book, you can get it here. You can see her other artworks at her BZTAT Studios website.



Just Meowin’,

The Brew





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