They don’t call me the Art’s District’s Favorite Cat fur nuthin’.


20130112-142416.jpgEvery month in the Canton Arts District, we have this thing that we call First Fridays. Some claim that everyone comes downtown to see all the arts activities that we have goin’ on. But this picture is evidence of who they really come to see.

OK, yeah, they’re lookin’ the other way, but that was only fur a moment.

Every January they have an ice festival on First Friday. They have ice carvers all over the Arts District and other fun schtuffs.

The premiere event of the night is the lighting of the Fire and Ice Tower, which just happened to be below my window this year. BZTAT videotaped it so you could watch it too. She forgot to hold the camera horizontally so it’s vertical, which is sorta annoying on YouTube. It’s also a little shaky cuz she had a iron grip on me, which you can see I sorta protest against.


Here is one of the other ice sculptures and the Creative Cardboard Ice Castle that BZTAT made (she stayed in where it was warm).


Canton First Friday Ice Sculpture

BZTAT's Creative Cardboard Ice Castle

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  1. Sparkle says:

    What a fun thing to watch, Brew! I love the ice sculptures – that is one event that would totally fall flat (as in melt flat) here in Los Angeles.

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