May 272011



"Brew in Antarctica" Drawing by BZTAT

If you guessed that I would be freezin’ my furry butt off today with the penguins in Antarctica, you guessed it right!

Sheeeeeeezzzzz, It’s COOOOOOLLLLLDDDDDD here!

<–You can bid in the auction fur today’s Antarctica drawing here.

I’ll be travelin’ again tomorrow. Can you guess where I am goin’ next? Here’s a hint:

Clue fur my May 25, 2011 Worldwide Just Meowin’ Tour destination: Enough of this cold! I am goin’ somewhere warm and tropical.

I am on a virtual tour around the world to visit all my friends in various locations. I am calling it my Worldwide Just Meowin’ Tour!

Each day in May, I am visiting a new city and/or geographical region around the globe. My human BZTAT will make a drawing of me in a new place every day, and you will be able to bid on the drawing in an auction on her website. You can see all of the “Worldwide Just Meowin’ Tour” drawings here.

When I finally come home after my long trip, we plan to make a book featuring the best of the drawings.

Each day, I post a clue here to see if you can guess where I am gonna go next. Wanna guess where I will go tomorrow on my tour? Leave yer guesses in the comments!

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

  5 Responses to “Today I’m in Antarctica. Tomorrow…”

  1. Is that penguin giving you a paw bump, Brew?!

  2. that’s a terrible clue! There are so many warm, tropical places how could anyone guess? More clues! When are you coming to Denver?

  3. […] If you guessed that I would hangin’ in the Amazon Rainforest today, you guessed it right! Sure are lotsa interesting species of plants and birds and mammals here,  and – BUGS!!!! *swat* *swat* *swat* ….. […]

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