May 162011

"Brew at the Zoo" Drawing by BZTAT

Fooled ya with my clue yesterday! 

No, I am not in the jungle today, but that’s close. I am in San Diego, and while I am here, I am visitin’ all the wild critters at the San Diego Zoo!

Did you know there are 8 Panda bears here? They are pretty cool critters, lemme tell ya. I have watched them on the Panda Cam, and now I am meetin’ them in real life.

<–You can bid in the auction fur today’s San Diego drawing here.

I hate to tell ya this folks, but I have to interrupt my tour fur a few days. You see, BZTAT needs me at home. Her mother passed away, and she kinda needs some snuggles from me. so I am gonna take a break.

I will resume my tour in a few days, and I will travel into June a few days so that we have 30 drawings in all fur the book. All of the current auctions will continue through their designated time frames.

In case ya didn’t know, I am on a virtual tour around the world to visit all my friends in various locations. I am calling it my Worldwide Just Meowin’ Tour!

Each day in May (and now a few days in June), I am visiting a new city and/or geographical region around the globe. My human BZTAT will make a drawing of me in a new place every day, and you will be able to bid on the drawing in an auction on her website. You can see all of the “Worldwide Just Meowin’ Tour” drawings here.

When I finally come home after my long trip, we plan to make a book featuring the best of the drawings.

Each day, I post a clue here to see if you can guess where I am gonna go next. I will post my next clue when I am ready to resume the tour.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

  15 Responses to “Today I’m in San Diego, CA. Tomorrow…”

  1. Our deepest sympathies to BZTAT on the loss of her mother. All us kitties send huge comforting purrrrrs, headbonks and nosetaps. Mom sends hugs and condolences.

    We are enjoying your tour, and following it, but usually are stumped by the clues.
    We are sorry you had to pause your tour for such a sad reason.

    Signed, Jigsaw Puzzle, spokescat for the Talk With The Paws crew.

  2. Well you sure fooled me!

    Take good care of BZTAT. Sending hugs and purrs and love.

  3. Dear BB Iz sorry to hear teh sad nooz. Pleeeze send BZTAT mai purrrs of condolense an *softpaw*, we iz all thinking of her in this diffikult time.

  4. Oh no! I am so, so sorry about your human’s mother! Please tell your human that she is in my human’s thoughts, and that I am sending her purrs and licks.

  5. Brew, please cuddle your mom and give her our biggest hugs and love.

  6. Hugs for you and Bztat Brews

  7. Pawhugs and kitteh kisses to Bztat on her loss. I know you’ll take good care of her.

  8. Very sorry for your loss. I do want you to know I have really been enjoying your world tour posts.

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