Yo. Brew’s Posse is Now Public Art.

"Downtown Cats" mural
"Downtown Cats" mural by BZTAT

They have been talkin’ ’bout it on Facebook. They have been talkin’ ’bout it on Twitter. The Canton Stark County Ohio Convention & Visitors’ Bureau talked about it on their blog, and Catster even posted about it on their “The Cat’s Meow” blog.

What are they talkin’ about?

Hehe. They have been talkin’ bout a BIG picture of me and my housemates!

My human is an artist, and she has spent several months painting this mural that now hangs on the side of a building in the Canton Arts District.

Pictured from the left to right is Noah, Slick, Who, and the world famous… ME!

We are havin’ this big Dedication thing for the mural during the First Friday Festivities this coming Friday, and you are invited!  Even if you are not in Canton, you can watch it all live online via USTREAM. How cool is that?

We have special feline and canine guests invited from Friends of Stark Pound and Second Chance for Animals, all of whom will be available fur adoption. I am really hopin’ that some, or all of them will find furever homes!

I hope someday you will make it to Canton to visit our fabulous Arts District and my mural. But fur now, you can visit us virtually. Hope you tune in on Friday!

Just meowin’.

The Brew


  1. Dash Kitten says:

    Sorry brew, should have commented on this sooner. Rumble is falling behind in the voting and I have been busy with that…

    I am trying hard to work out what time it will be in Ohio and NZ so i can watch. Give me a minute or two.

  2. flicka47 says:

    Oh, BZTAT’s mural turned out SO cool!!(and it’s a great likeness of you too!!) You all should be so proud of such a great piece!

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