Author: BrewskieButt

I am a cat who lives in Canton, OH’s trendy Arts District with my human, Artist BZTAT.

I am the brand manager and official spokescat for BZTAT Studios. I also am a great adventurer who travels the world to visit all my friends who make up Brew’s Posse.

I am a real cat, but I also have a great imagination, so I have lots of creative adventures. My human loves to draw pictures of me, and I love to share them with others.

I was rescued from the side of a country road when I was very little, and I have lived with my fabulous person ever since. I also live with my two best feline friends, Noah and Who, and my nemesis, Slick. She gets all the attention! We also have Okey now, who was rescued from a parking lot. So there’s now five of us fabulous felines.

It’s official! My Just Meowin’ with Brewskie Butt Coloring Book has been released!

Just Meowing with Brewskie Butt Cat Coloring Book for AdultsCheck it out folks! It’s official! My Just Meowin’ with Brewskie Butt Coloring Book has been released!

I am so excited to share my fun adventures with you! In my new coloring book, I fly an airplane, watch some birds on a wire with my pal Okey, enjoy some cocktails on the beach, throw back a few BREWS, do some paintin’ at my artist easel, do a bit of politickin’, work a bit of magic as a wizard, cruise BREW CITY in my convertible, share a romantic dinner with you, and have a lot more fun!

Here are some sample pages from the coloring book:

Just Meowin" with Brewskie Butt Adult Coloring Book by Artist BZTAT

Just Meowin" with Brewskie Butt Adult Coloring Book by Artist BZTAT

Just Meowin" with Brewskie Butt Adult Coloring Book by Artist BZTAT

I would love fur you to add your color to my adventures! Watcha” waitin’ fur? Order your coloring book now!

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Oh yeah, and please share your colorings so others can see on my Facebook page and on Twitter. Happy coloring!!!

Just Meowin’,

The Brew


Brew’s adult coloring book is comin’ soon!

Brewskie Butt Cat Drawing Easel painting BZTAT Adult Coloring Book
Drawing by BZTAT

My human and I are gonna collaborate again. She’s decided to use me as her creative muse again. I think I  can handle this.

I like adventures, and my human, Artist BZTAT likes to draw pictures of me. It’s a good partnership.

BZTAT made an adult coloring book this past summer, and it’s been selling like TUNA. I mean, WOW! Lotsa folks have gone nuts over Artist BZTAT’s Color Me Cats Coloring Book! There’s just one thing wrong with that book. It only has one picture of ME in it.

After a bit of pushin’ her, she has agreed to make her follow-up book ALL ABOUT ME.

Just Meowin’ with Brewskie Butt – Adult Coloring Book with Art by BZTAT is on the drawing board, folks, and its gonna be filled with drawings of my adventures. These will be drawings that you can color yerself. How cool is that?

I can hardly wait! Woohoo!

Here’s a sample image from the coloring book.

Adult Coloring Book page of cat character Brewskie Butt
Drawing by BZTAT

We’ll be selling it right here at Just Meowin’. Pre-orders will start soon. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t purchased yer copy of BZTAT’s first coloring book, you can get it here. You can see her other artworks at her BZTAT Studios website.



Just Meowin’,

The Brew




Art of Fabulous Five Felines on Instagram

My human BZTAT is an artist, and she likes to take photos of me and my crew. She does not claim to be a photographer, she is a fine art painter by trade. She likes to mess around with the photos she takes in different mobile apps, though, and she creates digital paintings with them. She posts them to her Instagram account when she is done with them.

Here is one of me. (She likes to take pix of me whenever I am doing my most favorite thing.)


Here is one of Okey…. (Snoozing is her favorite thing too.)


Here is one of Mia Meow… (She’s always alert and chasing something.)


Here is one of Who… (I appreciate his efforts to wake the sleeping giant so we can get breakfast.)


And here is one of Noah. (Purring in his own little Noah world.)

Now you have seen my whole crew.

She can do a digital portrait fur you too! She can make it and print it fur you, or she can email the digital image to you and you can print it yerself. How cool is that?

She does a lot of other portraits and fun artworks as well. Visit my human’s website to see about getting yer portrait or just to see some cool art. And if yer on Instagram, follow her there and see artwork photos hot off the press.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew