Author: Brewskie Butt

Cat Convos


Cute. Not a bad little video. I give the Pets Add Life folks a paws up.

But if humans wanted to know what cats REALLY talked about, they shoulda asked ME. Just meowin’.

Here’s the live script from my Fab 5 reality show video:


Brew: (to snoozin’ Slick) I want that pillow.

Slick: zzzzz…

Brew: (lays on pillow edging Slick off of it) My pillow!

Slick: Hissss! (skulks, jumps off pillow and entire bed)

Brew: (slips off pillow onto blanket next to Okey) My blanket!

Okey: WHACK! Think again Brew!

Brew: Ow! Hey, Ok– Ooh, What’s that sound?

Who: (looks over side of bed with Brew) It’s Noah!

Who and Brew: (together) DUDE!!!

Brew: Awesome barfisode Noah! That’s the hair ball to beat all hair balls!

Who: Excellent placement! Right where BZTAT will step when she gets out of bed!

Brew and Who: (give Noah high paws as he jumps on the bed)

Noah: Burp! I feel so much better now.

Slick and Okey: (look at each other, rolling eyes with disgust) BOYZ!

BZTAT: AAAAAAGGHHHH!!!! (succession of bleeped out words that can’t be printed on this family friendly cat blog)

Yeah, I can see why my Pets Add Life pals made their own video without me. My video sorta became NSFW unwittingly.

Those Pets Add Life folks have a good point, too. Multiple pets are a good thing. Cuz every cat needs co-conspirators, yo.

Just meowin’,

The Brew