Abandonment AGAIN?

Sad Brew Yer leavin’ AGAIN? But Why?

I know that pet sitter is nice and friendly, and the guy next door will make sure that no one bothers us or the studio.

But I am gettin’ tired of you takin’ off and travelin’ so much lately.

(It is sorta cool that my human is going to BlogPaws West in Denver, CO, and is going to create a mural there with the pawticipants. It is also cool that she is going to meet up with some of my anipals’ humans. But I am not gonna let her know I think so.)

Well, you better bring me back lotsa goodies, is all I can meow.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew


  1. Pumpkin says:

    I’m really looking forward to meeting your mom and I wish you were coming with her. Please remind her to bring my picture. And don’t be too sad. Your pals will take good care of your mom.

  2. Dash Kitten says:

    Oh Brew Mate, you must feel tirrible! Spoiled rotten at home, waited on paw and whisker and no Mum. * sigh *. How about a long holiday here in New Zealand?

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