Jul 072010

Brewskie AC

Hey! What’s this in MY WINDOW!

Brewskie AC

I am not likin’ this AT ALL!

Brewskie AC

I didn’t like that fan thing, but at least it left a little bit of the window that I could still get into. This thing takes up THE WHOLE WINDOW!

Brewskie AC

Think I’ll just sit here where it’s cool so I don’t get all hot and bothered by it.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

  7 Responses to “Ahhhh Cat! I Can’t Get In My Window At All Now!”

  1. Charlie Kitty said to tell the Brew that he needs to appreciate that AC! Those birds and other things will still be there. The important thing now is to stay cool! Because of course, he’s a cool cat and one wants to stay that way!

  2. Trust us – you will learn to appreciate that AC unit more than the window – at least right now! And once it is cooler again we are sure the window wil be available for your viewing pleasure!

  3. It is nice and cool…

  4. A cool Brew is a good Brew!

  5. Brew that thing is very cool and helps you and mum stay sane LOL!! Enjoy!!

  6. We actually don’t have any windows at our house. I can’t see out anywhere…and it really stinks. I don’t get any sun puddles in here, either.

  7. Aw, sorry Brew. Life’s tough. I know my own brood is with you on standing up to injustices like this.

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