Sep 152010
Back to the Drawing Board

Back to the Drawing Board

My human, BZTAT, is an artist.  You probably already know that cuz I have mentioned it here more than a few times.

She just got back from a long trip to Denver, CO where she painted a mural at BlogPaws West.

I’ve been watchin’ Facebook and Twitter. Looks like lotsa folks liked the mural cuz there sure were lotsa photos taken of it!

I am really glad that she got the opportunity to do the mural, and I hope she gets lots more chances to do more like it. Painting pictures with a purpose is her passion, and she seems to be very fulfilled when she does them.

I gotta be honest though. I missed her. I know, it’s not very man-cat-like to get all gushy emotional, but I do love my human, and I do miss her when she goes away.

I wish I could stay as snarky as my furriend Sparkle, who really lets her human have it when she doesn’t cater to Sparkle’s every whim.


I guess I am an old softy.

BZTAT came back charged up from bein’ with such cool folks at BlogPaws West.

She was really inspired by the “Be the Change” panel, and we are plannin’ to do some things to help pets in need to meet the new challenges set forth by the panel.

Rumor has it that she volunteered to do a 24 hr paint-a-thon along with Dr. V of Pawcurious‘ 24 hr blog-a-thon comin’ up.Twenty four hours!!! She’s done 12 hr paint-a-thons before, but 24? She’d better take some breaks to give me noms, is all I can meow!

BZTAT is gonna do a 12 hr. Paint-a-thon next week to raise funds fur my furriends at the Friends of Stark Pound. More about that in the comin’ days.

But in the meantime, we are back to the old drawing board, so to meow. She’s paintin’ pet portraits again. I am givin’ her inspiration and bein’ the spokescat.

And takin’lotsa naps like any good spokescat will do. Think I hear a blanket callin’ my name right now…

As I catch some Z’s, feel free to peruse BZTAT’s photos from BlogPaws.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

  8 Responses to “Back to the Old Drawing Board After BlogPaws”

  1. Brewskie, your Mom makes nice pictures. I got to see her and the big picture for a few minutes. My Mom took me to BlogPaws and lotsa people took my picture. I fooled them – they thought I wasn’t paying attention, but I was! I like to keep’em in their place, you know. That picture is so — ummm — Mom says Fantabulous! and…now it’s sitting in her office next to MY sofa. Yay!

    I hear her and Tom and Caroline are planning to show it off …but we don’t know where yet. I like it where it is. It’s beeutiful. Wabby

    • Wabby! I saw photos of you and BZTAT. I am so glad because when she went to Atlanta, all she posed with were DOGS! You and Pumpkin Puddy really did a good job of holdin’ up the feline end of things at BlogPaws. Glad yer enjoyin’ the painting!

      The Brew

  2. Great post Brew! It’s okay to say you missed your human – my mom says she missed you too. 🙂

  3. Love the mural!! So sorry you has to go so long wif out her. ***pawhuggs****
    OMC! My ma would love to do a 24 hour paintathon, that has got to be cool! Hope you ma gets video of that too. TPC

  4. My human said the mural was PAWSOME! I have an idea, Brew – since Dr. V is doing a 24-hour blog-a-thon and your human is doing a 24-hour paint-a-thon, have you considered doing a 24-hour napathon? And while you were napping, you could dream up a whole bunch of great ways to be the change for less adoptable pets! Also, you would need less food that day, so your human wouldn’t have to take too many meal breaks.

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