I’m goin’ on a Worldwide Just Meowin’ Tour!

Brewskie ButtI told ya I had a plan

I am feelin’ the need to assert my independence and importance to show my human BZTAT how valuable I am to her. Havin’ 5 cats in the house seems to have diminished my role here a bit, so I need to show her what’s what.

So I am going to go on a Worldwide Just Meowin’ Tour!

You heard it right. I am going on a virtual tour around the world to visit all my  friends  in various locations.

Each day in May, I am gonna visit a new city and/or geographical region around the globe. BZTAT will make a drawing of me in a new place every day, and you will be able to bid on the drawing in an auction on her website.

When I finally come home after my long trip, we plan to make a book featuring the best of the drawings.

Oh yeah, and each day, I will post a clue here to see if you can guess where I am gonna go next. Wanna guess where I will go first on my tour?

Clue fur my May 1, 2011  Just Meowin’ destination: The Royals are all abuzz and the world’s eyes have been focused here. Me? I just wanna share a BREW with a certain Cairn Terrier friend of mine in a pub.

Can you guess where I will be meowin’ tomorrow? For the answer, see BZTAT’s blog tomorrow!

Just Meowin’,

The Brew


  1. mariodacat says:

    Hey buddy – this sounds like a super fun project. Just to clue you in, my peeps will be on vacation from 5-14 to 5-21. So, if you had plans on visiting me, don’t come during that time. I’d hate to miss you and not answer the doorbell.

  2. flicka47 says:

    Oh, this is gonna be fun!! I’m betting where you’re starting starts with an R, or are you going to FrugalDougal’s new farm?

  3. Maggie says:

    Ooooooo. Travel broadens one so. London to see the queen, eh? Hope you can come to st. Louis. You can have a brew with the Clydesdales, see the Arch, or hang with us!

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