Mar 082010

I guess the coast is clear now.

Shew! I didn’t realized that I would hafta have a sitter while BZTAT was in New York when I signed on to be her campawn manager.

Had I known…

I mean, I was proud of her and all, but I just really don’t like havin’ someone new invade my territory.

The sitter made sure that my housemates and I had plenty of food and water, and she kept the box clean. I am grateful for that.

But I spent most of the time she was around under the bed. Noah cat kept me company.

Thx to all of my pals who helped BZTAT get to the Shorty finals.

I guess it was worth the sacrifice. Spendin’ time under the bed wasn’t all so bad. I don’t want to make a habit of it though.

Just Meowin’.

The Brew

  5 Responses to “It Wasn’t Easy, But I Survived the Sitter.”

  1. Oh, poor Brew. I so sorry you no like the sitter well enough to come out. I is happy your mama is home with you now.

  2. Thx Mario. It was a rough week, but I survived.

  3. Dude, bro, that’s awesome. You survived. I used to pee on stuff when I had a sitter but now I’m all grown up.

  4. I would do somethin’ like that, too, Scrubbs, if I didn’t have to smell it all week.

  5. Brew, next time get your mummy to send you here!!!

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