Meow Monday Madness: Would Ya Keep It Down Out There?!!!


These guys are totally wrecking my Meow Monday. I can just put up with this for so long… waiting for it to be all over… I hear the space under the bed calling my name… OK. ENUFF!!!


  1. Awww poor Brew! I am surprised at how long he tolerated it!! Loved watching his ears while he was watching/listening.

    His markings are just exquisite!

    Kitty kisses to Brew!

  2. Oh sweet Brew, I can so relate! I went thru this misery in May and mom had to buy me Rescue Remedy Bach Flower therapy! It really helped me.

    I did not knows you had bloggie. I gonna add you as a lynx to bloggie I has wiz Jaya!

    Luv u,

    P.S.: When we gonna dance again? I wanna do slowdance wiz you. Romantic.

    • Shiva,

      I am a little distracted right now, but I will have my dancin’ form back soon. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

      HEY, GUYS, WILL YA CUT IT OUT??? The ladies are wantin’ my attention, and yer distractin’ me!!!

      JUST MEOWIN’!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cathy Keisha says:

    I can empathize since they’re working on the Lincoln Tunnel and helix right every night right outside my window. Good thing we have AC b/c we can’t keep the windows open at night.

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