Jan 092010

Being an avid social media cat, I have come to know quite a few dogs through Twitter and Facebook. It is amazing to me that we can be friends as long as they are not in my living room barking at me. Still, cats are a superior species, and we must keep our dog friends mindful of that.


Brewspeak code to cats: #keepthedoginhisplace

Thanks to my friend @LouPeb,  a dog who apparently knows his place, for tipping me off to this video.

Just meowin’.

The Brew

  2 Responses to “More evidence that cats DO RULE.”

  1. Hai BB, thats a good video LouPeb fownd, its a rilly smart kitteh doing a good job protektin hiz territory. Thanks you for sharing.

  2. Like we needs the proof!

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