Jan 112010

What is it with humans and their disdain for curiosity? They would have you believe that it is dangerous, even lethal.

Whoever propounded the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat,” must have had something to hide, and was afraid that people would discover his/her secret if they got too curious.

Well, I am here to prove that curiosity is not hazardous to a cat’s health. There is no black box warning on the stuff–you can curiously seek to your heart’s content.

Curiosity is a time worn attribute of the feline nature that ensures our superiority. Humans would do well to pay attention and follow our lead, rather than spew erroneous myths about us.

Perhaps if more people were as curious as cats, they would be more able to avoid wars, famine, poverty, and economic crisis. They would seek solutions instead of reacting ignorantly to fears and propaganda.

Just meowin’.

The Brew

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  1. Love your blog Brew! Keep it up. *nosetaps*

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