Apr 282010


If  you follow my tweets or my Facebook status updates, you already know that. Hairball Goop is my pet peeve, my worst enemy, and my biggest lament.

I HATE the schtuff.

You know what I am talkin’ about. That gooey brown stuff that the humans give ya when you arf up a hairball.

They call it a “laxative”. I call it poison.

Some cats, like the crazy Slick cat, enjoy the schtuff. She licks it right outa the tube. ACK! ACK! Not me. So my human, BZTAT, tries to get clever. She tries to squish it on my paw or some other place on my carefully groomed body so I hafta lick it off.

I just wipe it off on the wall or furniture. Hehe.

Here is the problem.

I am very particular about keepin’ my fur clean The Brew Bathingand nice lookin’ fur the lady cats. I groom myself frequently and fastidiously to ensure that I keep myself lookin’ great. Gotta keep my image up, yo. But that also means that I ingest a lotta fur that upsets my tummy.

And, well, you know what happens next.

In order to find another solution to hairballs than the Goop, I am participatin’ in National Hairball Awareness Day. I am thinkin’ that this will help me learn some things to keep the hairballs from happenin’ in the first place, and get me in on the inside track of this issue.

I am teamin’ up with my pal Romeo the Cat and my furriends at Furminator, Inc. to get to the bottom of things here.

Over the next few days, I will be postin’ some info given to me by Furminator, Inc. about what can be done to prevent and treat hairballs. I hope it helps you as much as it does me.

One thing I know is already helpin’. BZTAT got a new Cat Deluxe Furminator from the good Furminator folks at BlogPaws. She has been usin’ it to help me groom some of that loose underfur that tends to go in my belly when I take my bath. She likes it better than the old Furminator tool because of that cool ejector button thingy that makes it easier to get rid of the fur the tool pulls out.

I dunno ’bout you guys, but I really like bein’ Furminated.

Guess what? Furminator, Inc. has given me a free Cat Deluxe Furminator to give out as a prize to my readers fur participatin’ in National Hairball Awareness Day! Would you like to have one?

Make sure that you read my blog here on Friday, April 30, 2010 to find out how to win! And read all week long to get interesting info about preventing hairballs.

Cuz you want to stay away from the GOOP.

Just Meowin’.

The Brew

  5 Responses to “National Hairball Awareness Day is Friday. No Goop Fur Me!”

  1. Mom and I will be reading to learn your tips! Mom says I shed a lot and she’s afraid I will have hairballs, but I haven’t had any since I moved in with her. She can’t give me hairball treats because they upset my sensitive tummy. We can’t wait to see what will come tomorrow!

  2. Mom says I’m gonna get hairballs sorta like that from plucking the fur off my toys. (I swallow some of the toy furs…if Mom doesn’t chase me down, pry my mouth open, and pull them out!)

  3. Hate, hate hairballs, but not as much as the GOOP! Hope you guys don’t get them. Will be full of info about it tomorrow!

    The Brew

  4. BOL BOL you’re too clever for your own good, Brew!
    I do lick a lot too, you know, especially my paws when mom’s not looking… but my sister does too! No hairball yet though…

    This sounds pawsome. Who’s gonna be the lucky kittie? :o)

  5. Wonder why cats get ’em but dogs don’t, Lou?

    The Brew

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