Nov 122010

NoahSomethin’ weird happened folks.

Last week I told ya that Noah didn’t lose any weight. He stayed steady at 18.2 lbs. Up until then, he was losin’ 0.2 lbs. each week.

Then this week, he starts droppin’ it like crazy.

Saturday, he was at 17.6 lbs. Tuesday, he was at 17.4. Today?

17 POUNDS!!!! Can you even believe it???

We have not changed his Nulo food portions any recently. And honestly, BZTAT and I have been a bit distracted with her moving the studio back here into our home and with Okey, the new cat.

We haven’t been execrcisin’ Noah anymore than we had before. In fact, we have been doin’ it less.

I have noticed, though, that Noah has been more active on his own. He seems to be more energetic and more engagin’. He has been a bit intimidated by Okey, and has stayed his distance, but he has been definitely been more vivacious.

YAY Noah!!! Throughout the entire Nu Campaign, he has lost 3 lbs.!

Although this is the final week, we have decided to stay with the Nulo. We are big fans of the schtuff! Here’s our list of things we all like about Nulo:

  1. VERY NOMMY! I mean, really, if it didn’t taste good, what would be the point? I know I was a little hesitant that first week, as, well, ya know, I am a creature of habit. But once I got used to the different texture, I fell in love with the schtuff!
  2. Noah lost weight in a careful and healthy way. He didn’t lose it fast, which was a bit disconcerting, but it really is healthier to lose it slowly. Although this week’s loss was rapid because things finally came together fur him (exercise, feeling healthier and portion control), overall, it was gradual.
  3. All of us have shinier, softer and more luxurious fur. Even Okey, who has just been on it fur a short time, has already been feelin’ softer and her fur is gettin’ thicker. Noah’s fur used to be all matted and nasty, and now, it is much easier to get a comb and Furminator through his coat.
  4. We like the story of how Nulo was developed. The founder, Michael Landa, saw that pets of clients in his pet sitting business were having health issues related to the ingredients in over the counter pet foods, so he set out to create a food that didn’t have all the unhealthy ingredients. The food he developed is truly healthy and we trust that it is good fur us. Nulo was created out of a passion fur pets, not because someone wanted to cash in on sellin’ us crap.
  5. We like the packaging. The food comes in resealable plastic bags that keep it fresh and are good fur litter box clean-up when they are empty. Reusing bags is a good thing fur the environment, yo. We like the red Nulo boxes, too, which are a good size fur storage. They came in handy with BZTAT movin’ the studio around.
  6. The Nulo folks are top notch! They are always helpful and caring when we have questions, and they really care about us! We especially like that they send us an email that says, “Love is coming your way” each time we make an order!

Although the Nu Campaign is officially over, I will still keep ya posted on how Noah is doin’ with his weight loss. We would like to get him down at least one more pound, maybe two.

We are very appreciative of Nulo fur includin’ us in the Nu Campaign and fur givin’ us all the free food! We look forward to continuin’ our relationship with the great folks at Nulo in the future.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

Disclosure: Nulo has generously provided free product and other benefits in exchange for our participation in the Nu Campaign to fight pet obesity. We are happy to be a part of this awareness campaign, however, all of the opinions about the product are mine and not dictated in any way by the company.

  7 Responses to “Noah really kicked it for the last week of the Nu Campaign!”

  1. […] NOAH, NOAH, NOAH. He is our poster child for, as my mother would say, "stick-with-it-ness." Neither he nor his mom, BZTAT, have given up even though the loss was slow. And guess what? In the span of just a week, he lost nearly .75 pounds. Even though he was holding steady for the last few weeks, this was his week. Much like in humans, weight seems to have a mind of its own. Some weeks we lose nothing, some we lose a lot. We're so happy for you, Noah! […]

  2. Yay! Yay! Yay! 3#!!! And we likes all the things about Nulo that you do, too! We are very happy to have been involved and will keep on keepin’ on, too!

  3. The blogging kitties I know who have been on the Nulo diet all seem to really like it! I don’t need to lose weight (I need to gain some, in fact!), but it seems worth looking into… good nutrition is good nutrition!

    • Sparkle–I didn’t need to lose weight either, and neither did Slick and Who. Okey is gainin’ cuz it’s the first time she’s ever had regular meals. Like you said, good nutrition is good nutrition. Nulo is not just about losin’ weight. It’s about bein’ healthy.

  4. wow..loves for the cats..cute

  5. […] who was really struggling at the beginning, really revved it up and was our biggest loser! He lost the most percentage of body weight. He went from 20 pounds to 17 pounds! That's 15% of his […]

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