May 252010

Brewskie Butt in Window

What is THAT thing doin’ in MY window???

Brewskie Butt in Window

Oh well, I can still get to the birdies.

Brew in window

BZTAT is out back painting and I am supervisin’.

Brew in Window

See, here, this fan is just IN MY WAY.

Brew in window

Here is what I think of this whole fan business.

Just Meowin’.

The Brew

  9 Responses to “Not a Fan of That Thing”

  1. Our apartment doesn’t have any fans in the windows…but we don’t really have any windows, either!

    Sorry it’s taking up your window space. I bet you’d be too hot without it, though…

  2. Fans are not very fantastic.

  3. Busy–No windows????? How do you LIVE????

    Daisy–No, they certainly are not! I mean, I like that they keep things cool, and all, but not in MY WINDOW!

  4. If humans were as smart as they think they are, they would invent a handy fan that did not have to sit in the window and get in the way of Bird (& etc.) TV.

  5. That THING is crampin’ your style, Brew.

  6. […] I am still working on getting that fan out of the window. […]

  7. Maybe BZTAT needs it eh? If she gets all warm and it’s useful. I’m sorry it cramps your style though.

  8. […] didn’t like that fan thing, but at least it left a little bit of the window that I could still get into. This thing takes up […]

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