Nov 072011

Bully the Cat

Bully was a furriend of mine’s very special cat. He was a cat that lived in a parking lot, but as my furriend has helped me to see, parking lot kitties are as special as any other cat.

My furriend, Dorian Wagner of Your Daily Cute, attends to Bully and the other parking lot kitties at her office. Bully suddenly stopped eating last week and was obviously not feeling well. He was rescued from the parking lot and taken to the vet. An x-ray showed that he had eaten something with a large claw, probably an Iguana (He’s a Florida cat, yo.)

She struggled with the decision of whether to spend the money on necessary surgery for Bully. She and the other parking lot mom decided to go ahead, as he was important to them despite living in a parking lot. Unfortunately the surgery revealed that he also had an inoperable tumor.

Bully went to the Rainbow Bridge because he could not be healed. We are all very sad.

Dorian was one of the first people I got to know when I got onto Twitter. I remember the first time I went through a loss with her. Her parents’ cat with whom she had grown up, had gone to the Rainbow Bridge, and she tweeted about her sadness. I sent her a tweet with the song “Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog.

I have sent her that song since, for Daddy Meow, another one of her parking lot kitties who went to the Bridge. I have sent it to many others too who were feeling the loss of a pet.

Anyone who thinks that such sadness over losing a pet has no business reading THIS cat’s blog. Duh. HISSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get outa here.

My human, BZTAT, has met Dorian in real life through BlogPaws, so we can consider her a real and virtual friend. We have not met her cats, but feel like we have.

If it weren’t fur her, I sometimes wonder if BZTAT would have fallen in love with our own parking lot kitty, Okey. Okey’s not a parking lot kitty any more, thanks to Dorian and another furriend coaching BZTAT through the rescue. We just celebrated the first anniversary of her Gotcha Day!

I am no Shakespearean scholar, but I do find some sweetness in sorrow. It hurts, and it hurts bad. The sweetness is in how much you loved the one you lost, and in how much comfort you get from those who share your pain.

So, this is fur you Dorian and Bully. I send you, and anyone else feeling the loss of a pet today many, many *Brew Hugs*.



Just Meowin’,

The Brew


  15 Responses to “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

  1. It iz fitting that we payz tribyute to Bully, hiz life iz impawtant an he wuz luvd *softpaw*

  2. Aw, thank you. I love that song. Thank you for posting it and reminding me of it.

    Bully was a great boy, and I’m glad I got to be one of his parking lot mommies. It’s going to be a little empty and strange around here in the parking lot without him around. Such a special, sweet boy.

    There are so many special parking lot kitties, but Bully was extra special. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Brew, for sharing this story about your friend. He sounds very special, and his picture shows he was very handsome, too. I’m so glad that he & his friends had “parking lot mommies” to help take care of them. The poem & song meant a lot to me too, because I just had to send my beloved 16-year-old kitty Casper to the Rainbow Bridge on Oct. 3, five weeks ago today. I have been very sad since then, although I knew it was the best decision for him, because the vet couldn’t help him any more, and he had started to suffer. I don’t know where to find any parking lot kitties, but I’ll keep my eyes open, and maybe I can take care of some in memory of my Casper, and for Bully, too. God bless everyone who helps homeless animals! Love, Pam

    • I am so, so sorry to hear about yer Casper, Pam. Sixteen years is a long time to love and be loved by a critter. It’s never an easy decision to say goodbye, but I am told that you know when it is time. *Brew Hugs*

      There are parking lot kitties everywhere, unfortunately. I am sure that you won’t have to look far. I hope some sweet kitties can benefit from the love you have to give.

      The Brew

  4. Anyone who can’t imagine falling in love with a parking lot kitty obviously doesn’t love cats very much. Anyone who feeds ferals puts a lot of heart and sole and nurturing into caring for them. Just because they live outside and not inside, doesn’t mean that they don’t mean just as much to us as an inside cat. Bless your mom and your friend for caring so much about ferals. You have my sympathy.

  5. Purrlease give our condolences to Dorian for the loss of her sweet Bully. Dat picture shows a furry handsome mancat,and we don’t finks he wuz a Bully at all, but a sweet kitty.

    We fanks Dorian fur taking cares of him, and being his purr-o-gate mommy.

    Fly free over the Bridge, Bully Boy! You are missed and still loved.

  6. I’m sad about Bully, but also glad that he had someone who cared about him and took care of him. There are a lot of “parking lot kitties” out there who are not as fortunate as Bully was.

    • Thx for the support Sparkle. I am sure it means alot to Dorian. As much as we gripe about our humans, sometimes we furget how important it is to have someone to care fur us.

  7. Bully was so lucky to have people who cared for him! Hugs to @YourDailyCute and Dorian…and purrs from all of us.

    • He really was lucky to have the love he had. I guess he is pretty lucky to be pallin’ around with all those other guys at the Bridge, but it is sad fur those who miss him here.

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