Sep 022010

Brewskie ButtOK, some of this schtuff I already knew, but the Nu Campaign just confirmed it.

  1. I like to eat. I know, the first week or so I was a bit off my game. I was thrown off by the different texture of the Nulo food, and I kinda balked at it. But I am chowin’ down now. I really like the Nulo now. Nom, nom, nom…
  2. My human is a slacker. Yep, I’ve known this fur a long time, but, boy is it blindingly clear now. She kinda leaves it to us to exercise ourselves; she is not real organized at tracking our progress; and she procrastinates on doing things that she knows will make life better fur us. As much as she touts herself as a pet lover, she is learning that there is a lot that she could do but does not do to benefit her pets. Heloooooo….Can I say I told ya so???
  3. Human’s lives and cats’ lives are not always in sync. Let’s face it. Humans often choose cats over dogs as pets because cats are not as “high maintenance” as dogs. Dogs hafta be walked. Dogs hafta be let out to do their business. Dogs will tear up the place if you leave them home too long without attention. Cats, on the other paw, manage themselves much more effectively and efficiently. But cats need attention too. And we suffer when our humans put us on the back burner.
  4. Eating healthy has more benefits than ya realize. My human always wanted to put us on better food, but she did not think she could afford premium food. She also wanted to have us on something that she could just run down to the store and buy when we ran out. It is true that Nulo is providing us with free food for the Nu Campaign. My human is thinking that it will be more economical and convenient to continue with the Nulo after the campaign, though, than she originally thought. We eat less cuz it fills us up faster, so it is not as costly as you would think. And the price is pretty reasonable anyway. As fur convenience, well, she can make an order and have it to our door in 2-3 days, so that is pretty cool too.
  5. I hate GOOP. I know, you already knew that. The whole world knows it cuz I complain sooooo loudly about it. Somethin’ about that hairball remedy goop just chills my furry blood. Funny thing about eating Nulo, though. I have had zero barfisodes since I started the new food. Zilch. Now, I do not think that there is some special hairball reducin’ properties to Nulo. I am beginnin’ to think that my barfisodes were not related to hairballs, though. Don’t mean to get graphic or anything, but there usually is food, not fur, in my barfs. I am thinking there was a misdiagnosis here about them bein’ hairballs. I am thinkin’ that either  I chew the Nulo better, or maybe it agrees with my stomach better. Whatever, I am glad I have cut down the barfin’ and have had to have NO GOOP.

I know I sometimes give my human a rough time. Sometimes it is deserved. Sometimes I am just bein’ catty. I will meow a couple of things in hers and other cat people’s defense, now, just fur good measure.

Humans are busy folks. They have lots to do in their lives, and as much as they love us, they do have other things to attend to. I get that. Truthfully, cats are pretty self maintaining, so it is to our credit that we can be left to ourselves to manage things most of the time. I am glad, though, that mine is starting to pay a bit more attention and is getting more involved with Noah’s, Slick’s, Who’s and my care. Thanks fur that Nulo! There are gonna be times where she goes outa town or just doesn’t have time to play with us, and it’s OK. Now that she has us on a regular program, it probably means that those times will be less detrimental to us.

I’ll still let her hear my complaints, though.

BTW–Noah is back down to 19.8 lbs. after going back up to 20 lbs. when BZTAT was outa town.

Just meowin’,

The Brew

Disclosure: Nulo has generously provided free product and other benefits in exchange for our participation in the Nu Campaign to fight pet obesity. We are happy to be a part of this awareness campaign, however, all of the opinions about the product are mine and not dictated in any way by the company.

  17 Responses to “Some Thing’s I’ve Learned Since Starting Nulo’s Nu Campaign”

  1. Fewer barfisodes, huh? Man that would be nice. Mine always have food in them too. And I’m on fancy “sensitive stomach” food. Since I’m a little on the chubby side, I could stand to lose some weight too. Thanks for the update, Brew!

  2. Absolutely Fabulous post!! You really took the time to give us all the details (including your barfisodes) and put a lot of thought into explaining how us humans are in respect to interacting with our kitties, too!

    Everything you said, I have thought about in the past few weeks and I find I am paying more attention to the cats now too, since I am watching Disco so closely. As you can tell, I think his biggest issue is taking in more calories than he is burning off, and I am trying to be a better catmom and getting him to work out now…as watching him, I can really see he isn’t doing it by himself…

  3. I was wondering if Nulo would work for me. Does it have a high moisture content? I like dry food but my vet told TW to only give me wet food b/c I don’t drink water and was dehydrated. I agree that peeps get real busy & don’t pay enough attention to us cats. Luckily TW did notice that I hadn’t been myself.

    • Cathy–It comes in can food as well. We ordered some fur Slick since she has fewer teeth and has some trouble chewin’. We haven’t tried her with it yet, since she is eatin’ the dry pretty well now. If ya wanna try some, you can use my special discount code: tweetnulo3008 for 30% off and free shipping. It expires 9/31.

  4. Mom changed my food a while back, too. It’s one without grain and is supposed to be an evolutionary diet. I think that means it’s what I would eat if I was feral. But I never ate so good when I was feral. I eat much better now in my furever home. Mom noticed I don’t eat as much since she changed food just like you. So that makes the expensive food not so expensive after all.

    Mom’s never seen Nulo in the store and wonders how she could get a sample for me to try.

  5. The barfisode thing makes sense. We noticed on kibble our kitties would barf after eating…and they don’t shed so it couldn’t really be hairballs. We switched to a premium diet but that got super expensive…so then Girl got the idea to feed them fish and venison that we had lots of anyway and that’s been going great!

    I’m glad the Nulo is working so well for you! I hope it inspires others to switch to a better diet. 🙂

  6. My human just wishes she could find food I would consistently eat! I am very picky and change my mind a lot. Sometimes I won’t eat the same flavor I liked a couple of days before. It drives her nuts. Which I kind of like.

    • I can see how you would wanna keep her from gettin’ too complacent, Sparkle.

      If ya wanna try some, you can use my special discount code: tweetnulo3008 for 30% off and free shipping. It expires 9/31. ( I won’t tell if ya decide you like it consistently.)

  7. You be good to your mummy Brew.It’s nice she looks after you so well.

  8. I’m glad you new food has helped with the bomiting! Since we eat raw foods, our poopies are very small and dry and do not smell at all. Good foods are a wonderful thing.

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