Jan 132010

Cool BrewOn Sunday, I showed you the ice sculpture that BZTAT created in my image at the Canton First Friday Fire and Ice Festival. I was proud of her, and I was appreciative of her adoration of me.

I know that ice sculptures are created with the knowledge that they are impermanent. They are expected to melt when the weather changes.

But the weather has not changed in Canton. The temperature has not risen above freezing since the sculpture was made.

I guess, metaphorically speaking, you could say it has gotten colder.

To the vandal who did this, please know that you have not gone unnoticed. The cat knows who you are. We see everything.

And what have you done?

Are you smug in your purpose to destroy the efforts of creation by another? Did this random act of violence make you feel big?

Whatever your purpose; whatever childish impulse you have served; please get over yourself and get on to doing something worthwhile.

Your species needs to evolve.

Just meowin’.

The Brew

  6 Responses to “Stupid Human Tricks”

  1. I don’t understand why somebody would do that. It makes me sad to know that there’s a person out there who would gain pleasure from doing something like this. It was an awesome piece of work. Hugs to both you and BZTAT.

  2. Oh BB I am so sorry wat happened that iz rilly sad after all teh werk BZTAT did an teh bewtiful art to share wiv efurryone. It wuz an bewtiful sculpchure, *softpaw* for you an BZTAT.

  3. *shakes head* Stuff like that makes me so angry. And sad. 🙁

  4. Noooooooo…..*sobs*

    Whoever did this is a real piece of poo.

    I’m so sorry Brew…

  5. Thx fur all yer kind words, everyone. BZTAT and I really appreciate it. We are not so much sad over the loss of the sculpture as we are sad that such darkness exists in some people’s souls.

    The same thing happened to last year’s ice sculpture. Since we live a block away from a large urban high school, some say that we should just chalk it up to youthful indiscretion. My thoughts are that such deliberate acts of violence are more than indiscretion. They are signs that someone doesn’t care about others, and that smug destruction is their way of showing dominance. Where will these youth go from here?

    Thankfully, most humans are not like this. A cat does wonder, though, about a species that considers itself superior, but has fools like this among them.

    Just meowin’.


  6. Unfortunately there will always be stupid people.I’m just sorry the stupid ones always seem to ruin stuff for others. Even if that stupid person finally grows up,there’s just another one to take their place.

    Don’t think we have any easy answer to the stupid.
    I just sorry that you had to be victimized by the stupid jerks

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