Apr 012010

Last year, we had a big todo on my birthday. This year, I am just gonna take it easy and hang out in the sun puddles.

There’s nothin’ like a good sun puddle!

Brewskie Butt in the sun

Brewskie Butt Sun Puddle





No one really knows when I was born, but my V-E-T, Dr. Jeff, thinks it was sometime in April. My human BZTAT says it must have been April Fool’s Day, because she says I am such a fool.


Anyway, I am 6 years old today. Hope you enjoy the day like I plan to do.

Just meowin’.

The Brew

  12 Responses to “Sun Puddles fur My Birthday!”

  1. It’s your birthday Brew, so you should get to celebrate as you wish. I hope you get the biggest, warmest sun puddle ever today.

  2. Happy 6 years birfday BB, you iz teh bestest so I hopes your birfday is da bestest! meow

  3. Happy Birthday my pal, I hope U has a great one !!!!xxxx HUGS

  4. Thx Pandora and TP! it has been great so far!

  5. Happy 6th birthday. I’m still at the cat hotel but can email to wish you a nice fun day.

  6. Happy Birthday, Brew!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!! And cause it’s your special day, I’ll let you THINK that there might be girl cats that like you more than me… heh heh heh

  8. Have a wonderful birthday!!!! Get lots of NOMS and cuddles and SUN!

    Marjorie, Peanut, Little ‘Un, Dash, Dot and Sienna Kitten

  9. Thx everyone! I had a fabulous day! There were lotsa sun puddles, and it was so warm, BZTAT opened the windows!!! It was a great birthday!

  10. See you at BlogPaws! Disco and Brighton will be there!

  11. YOU are the best, Brew! Love your pics. You’re just too cute… *woof*

    BTW something happened and I can’t find the comment you left on my blog…*sniffles*

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