Jun 202010

Brewskie Butt sleeping on book

Any guesses as to what book I am reading?

Just Meowin’.
The Brew

  6 Responses to “Sunday Morning Osmosis Read”

  1. Handsome, a wonderful dancer, stylish, and well read. What more could a girl kitty want? Enjoy your book!

  2. We guess Oliver Twist! Don’t know why that came to mind. Mommy is strange.

  3. Hmmmm iz you increasin’ yur vocatulary? Dat looks kinda like mom Dictshunary!

    Enjoy! MOL

  4. yeah the one spoken in the cat’s own voice. Just read about it online…..grrrrrrrrrrrrr…..can’t remember the name now. Not available in stores….just online…………HELP!

  5. Sorry. None of ya are even close. Two hints:

    1. BZTAT (My human) brought it back in the swag bag from BlogPaws.

    2. I could have written this book, cuz I am a leadin’ expert on the topic.

    The Brew

  6. Is it Fin’s book?

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