Jun 022010

Brewskie Butt Ginger White Cat

My Human BZTAT has this boxy thing that sprays water that she gets inside of every day. I have often wondered about this boxy thing, and today, I decided to investigate.

Brewskie Butt Ginger White Cat

Of course, I waited ’til the water was shut off.

Brewskie Butt Ginger White Cat

I am quite the trapeze artist, yo. Betcha didn’t know that about me.

Brewskie Butt Ginger White Cat

About this time, BZTAT had heard some sounds that tipped her off to what I was up to. She gave me some mixed messages. She was cursin’ at me and sayin’ some words I can’t write on my family friendly blog, but then she was also snappin’ pictures of me like crazy. What’s a cat to think about that?

Brewskie Butt Ginger White Cat

Here, I had about had my fill and was gettin’ a little tired of tippy toe-in’ around on the boxy thing.  Not so easy on the paws, if ya wanna know the truth.

Brewskie Butt Ginger White Cat

The view from this height is kinda cool, but it gets old after awhile.

Brewskie Butt Ginger White Cat

Um, how do I get down from here?

Brewskie Butt Ginger White Cat


Yo, while I try to figure out how to get down from here, don’t furget about entering my *Paw Bump* Blog Challenge. If ya don’t have a blog, you can still enter, just post a pic PUBLICLY somewhere online (Twitpic, Flickr, Picassa, etc.) and post the link in the comments.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

  14 Responses to “Taking My Feline Curiosity to New Heights”

  1. OMC! Brewskie, dat iz not such a good place fur a kitteh to be. You are rite–it hurts da paws after a while…and besides, you mite fall in an git all wet! I went inside one of those boxy things oncet…an even tho da water wuz off, da floor wuz still all wet, and I gotted mai feets wet!

    …Your furriend, Tigger

  2. Hi Brewskie! We came over from, um, well, we forgot now but we found you because of the whole Paw Bump Challenge – we think it is a great idea. And boy, we were so impressed to see you up there on the water box thing – that is really high! We don’t ever go that high (well, we go upstairs but that doesn’t count). So we thought that was really cool!

  3. Thx fur findin’ yer way here! You gonna do a *paw bump* post and enter my contest?

    The Brew

  4. Hey Dude!
    We stopped by to say hello. There are 12 of us living the lazy life in Las Vegas…c’mon over and visit anytime!
    pee ess: We’ve got our Mommy on the paw bump case!

  5. Brew, if there was a catnip version of Cirque du Soleil, you’d be the star!

  6. Ooooh, it looks skerry up there!

  7. We don’t go near the water box in the human litterbox room!! Too easy to get wet!

    …Come to think of it, how’d you get down??

    Happy Thursday!

    ~Nico & JayJay 🙂

  8. MOL @ Nico & JayJay–“human litterbox room” MOL MOL!! Good one!

    We just wanted to stop by again, and say fanks you, cuz we got our Furminator yesterdee..and wow..does it effur work good!

    Dad sez they got enuf furz out of us all to mop up all da spilled oil!

    I (Jigsaw) really loovvvesss it…and so did Munchkin. Patches likes being brushed, too…but Tigger..he iz a problem child.. he haz neffurr liked bein’ brushed…and he haz da long hair! Silly boy! He needs it most! But he did ‘tolerate’ bein’ Furminated a little longer dan da regoolar brush. Mebee der is hope!

    Haff a nice weekend, Brew, and stay dry!

    …your furriend, Jigsaw Puzzle

  9. MOL! I hope you managed to make your way down by now!

  10. Hello All. yes, I did get myself down from there. My human BZTAT is good fur SOMETHIN’…Just fur good measure, I did put some holes in her shoulder in the process. Don’t want her gettin’ too full of herself, just meowin’.

    The Brew

  11. Hey now, BB! We like your sense of adventure. Anyway, it’s important to be able to claim the high ground, because a cat never knows when he’ll have to defend himself or his territory.

  12. Mmm you are a great trapeze artist! I have done that before but I got my Daddy to take me down because I couldn’t get down on my own!

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