Mar 012010

Here I thought that getting my human into the Shorty Awards finals would mean that I would get to pawty for a week with her gone to New York City.

Instead, she goes and gets a sitter to hang out and check up on me. Where’s the fun in that???

I don’t know whether to put the bitey on my sitter or go hide from her.

Cat–There goes my best laid plans.

Oh well. If you want to follow @BZTAT’s tweets on Twitter from New York City, follow Twitter Search hashtag #bztatnyc.

Just meowin’.

The Brew

  3 Responses to “What? I Hafta Have a Sitter???”

  1. Brew, Rumblemum LOVES that photo of you so much, the expression is priceless!!

    Wish you could come and hang out with us buddy!

  2. Aw, that’s not fair, Brewskie. *ducky hugs*

  3. Rrrrumbles–That’s my disconcerted look.

    George–Thx fur the support, pal.

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