Jan 062010

Brew and Noah Cat talking

People often ponder what cats would say if they could talk. I guess they don’t realize that we DO talk.

We are all over Twitter. We have blogs. We are very sophisticated communicators.

People are too busy to listen, I think, to what cats are saying sometimes, so they don’t hear us.

I think they wonder about what we’d say, because they are afraid of the commentary that we would have about their lives. He he. They have reason to be afraid.

What do you think your cat has to say about you today?

Just meowin’.

The Brew

  11 Responses to “What would cats say if they could talk? Silly humans. We DO talk.”

  1. luv dis my paL keep up da great werk !!


  2. So far they are both sleeping so I’m safe until later.

  3. Brew! Great blog, dude 😉 I’ve been trying to tell NJ that she needs to take time to snuggle me and make a fuss of me – sometimes she listens, but other times she actually insists on doing other things, can you believe it?! The cheek of the woman!

  4. Hi BB! Me @crazycatladie and my crew @terrorkittyduff & @acatnamedhomer are very excited about your new blog!

    I think my cats would say the following:

    Duff (Oldest Girl) : “I am a Daddy’s girl and sort of a snob”
    Homer (Middle Boy): “I’m a mama’s boy and love food and PURRRING”
    Maggie (Youngest Girl): “I like everything, everybody, and human food”

  5. Yay BB you can haz a blog! I iz so happy cuz I get to hear more abowt you an you haz such wize thawts to share. Concats on your new bloggy *purrr*

  6. Pfft. I talk alla time, prolly too much, acshully, in mai twitter and mai vlog. People think iz a computur trick but I guess it make them feel bettur.


  7. @Tweetiepie–Thx pal! I knew it was my calling.

    @karmacrochet–You do know that we sleep with one eye open…

    @Morris–Most of the time, you have NJ pretty well trained. I guess that even she has her moments.

    @Sarah–You have a very wise group. They all talk about themselves, as it should be.

    @GorgeousPrincessPandafur–*paw kiss* purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………….

    @Loki–You do not talk too much, pal! Some folks just do not listen.

  8. Very nice Brew!
    Mostly I think that people think cats (&dogs) can’t talk cause the folks don’t take the time to listen.
    My question though is how do I sign up to follow your blog,’cause yours is different than Blogger…

  9. I’m guessin’ der sayin’ “Feed Me!”

  10. Mummy loves us cause she’s always giving us chicken.

  11. “…We are all over Twitter. We have blogs. We are very sophisticated communicators.

    Ameow to that, brother Brewskie. *purr*

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