What’s That Smell? It’s What I Thought. Another Cat!


I don’t know about you cats, but when my human comes home smelling like another cat, I get wary.

I have to sniff her down and try to figure out who this interloper is.


Last night, she came home smelling like, not one, but TWO cats!

Now, fur most cats, this means that yer person has been visiting other cats and sharing her affections with them. Lotsa reasons fur feeling jealous and betrayed.

Fur me, though, it’s worse. It means that she is not only pettin’ and lovin’ on them, it also means that she is preparin’ to paint pictures of them!

How could she?! I am her #1 model!

I do have to admit, Zip and Leo are quite stunning creatures, and they will be great subjects fur a pet portrait by BZTAT.

But still, I DEMAND loyalty!

She is gonna hafta pay!

With lotsa lovin’s and cuddles on the Brew.

And more paintings of ME!

That’s all I got to meow!

Just Meowin’.

The Brew


  1. cokiethecat says:

    Oh No No No! I do not tolerate new cats in my apartment! It took me months to get used to Wynnie and I was REALLY angry at my mom for 6 months!! AND peed in the living room for longer than that!!

    NO NEW CATS!! Dogs are ok if they let me chew on their ears.

  2. mariodacat says:

    You are so right Brew. You’d better make her pay big time. (he he – I has to agree with you dat they are both beautiful subjects – for being strangers dat is).

  3. The nerve of that BZTAT. Please don’t get jealous when she paints Pimp and Moo. She won’t smell like them and they’re not coming over… we’re too far. 🙂

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