Aug 312011

There is swag to be had...


...and BZTAT is keepin' it outa my reach. That's just WRONG.


  5 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: BlogPaws Swag”

  1. That is totally wrong pal. I’d protest.

  2. Eh, I hear a LOT of it is dog stuff, Brew. Maybe your human is going to donate all or most of it to a local shelter.

  3. BTW, my human REALLY missed seeing your human at BlogPaws! She is already registed for next year!

    • BZTAT sure missed yer mom, Sparkle. But it probably is just as well, because they had that hurricane. Yer mom might not have been able to get a flight home.

      I can smell that there is cat stuff in there. She is gonna give the dog stuff to Friends of Stark Pound. Those doggies could use some cheer, I guess.

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