Nov 032010

Okey the Studio Cat

  8 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: BZTAT isn’t exactly ignoring me but, there’s a new cat in town…”

  1. Okey is such a cutie. What a lucky kitty to be able to share space with the great Brewskie Butt! Have fun with your new playmate.

  2. I kind of love Okey’s face. A little shy… a little lost… a lot of love.

    • She is sorta CUTE. I think this pic was taken when he/she first ventured out of the bathroom, which she still apparently considers her home base. Not sure what I think of BZTAT spendin’ all that time with him/her though…

  3. Awwww! Cute.

  4. She does look like she could be friendly…

  5. Can you smell her when your human comes back from the studio? And what do you think of her scent – yay or nay?

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