Jan 082010


Brew’s Wisdom:  If your cat allows you to do this to him or her, one of the following conditions is likey present:

  1. The cat is seriously ill. Get him or her to a V-E-T immediately.
  2. The cat is plotting an evil takeover of your domain and is casing the joint.
  3. The cat is actually a dog in cat’s clothing. Dogs will let you do anything to them.

Brewspeak code to cats: #donoteverallowyourhumantodothistoyou

Just meowin’.

The Brew

  7 Responses to “Words of Wisdom from the Brew: Cat Wrapping”

  1. …snicker….Excuse me while I get up off the floor!…snicker…And no one lost an arm here? Was the kitty drugged? Or just promised his own full bowl of TUNA?…snicker…

  2. I do not think it was really a cat. I think that is @Loupeb in disguise. http://bit.ly/79YaL7

  3. Ha Ha! That was great

  4. The cat is doing that just to confuse people. How many humans are now going to try to gift-wrap their cats? And what will the outcome of those attempts be? Cats are devious. They know what they are doing.

  5. O M C ! That is unbelieveable. No way would I let my ooman do dat to me!! I think it’s a dog in a cat’s body – for sure!

    too cute too cute

    hey what do you mean anything? Surely not all dogs…

    meeeeeeow ~

  7. DUDE. So very wrong!!!

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