There’s one thing poorer than a church mouse. An artist’s cat.

Look folks, I love my person BZTAT and all that, but there’s some things she just doesn’t get. Like how important it is to make money, keep money, and use money wisely.

She’s an artist, after all. That means her head is in the clouds creating schtuff instead of in the the more practical things in life. Seems her creative brain gets all carried away and leaves no room for the other parts.

Either she is going to have to change some things, or I am going to have to take over.

I suspect it will be the latter.

I am tired of being poorer than the church mice. A cat’s got needs and wants. There’s more than fur between my ears, so it looks like I am going to have to start putting it to good use.

So here’s the deal.

BZTAT is in Columbus, OH as I write this, all set to learn schtuff about blogging at BlogPaws, the first ever pet blogging conference. She is also putting together a fabulous pet art exhibit and silent auction fur BlogPaws participants that will have half the proceeds going to animal rescue organizations.

Now I am gonna humor her a bit, and pretend that she has learned half as much as I already know when she gets back.

But we know who wears the furs around here.

I am going to be exploring ways that I can make my blog more helpful to my readers, and more marketable as well.

Not sure what approach I am gonna use yet. Could be a mix of products, promotions or other creative ideas this cat has up his paw. It all has to have some artistic angle, of course, so that I can let BZTAT think it was all her idea.

I want to be a cat who makes money doing things that people want, so I thought I would ask my new readers what they think would be of service to them.

So what do you think? What can I put on my blog that will be helpful to you? I am all furry ears.

Meow up. Here’s yer chance.

Just meowin’…

The Brew