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Custom pet portrait paintings by Artist BZTATMy human is the world famous Artist BZTAT. She has won worldwide acclaim fur creating unique contemporary and customized pet portraits of cats, dogs, and other critters.

The cool cats all get their portraits done by BZTAT. Just meowin’.

OK, she also creates portraits of dogs. And horses. And guinea pigs. And birds. And goats. Even capybaras! Dogs aren’t cool though.

BZTAT portraits are unrivaled in their rich, colorful style, capturing the essence of each pet’s character in a unique fashion. Each portrait is a one of a kind original artwork that is museum and gallery quality.  BZTAT offers a variety of different portrait options. Choose your style (cClick on images for more information.):

Custom Pet Portrait by BZTAT

Premiere Contemporary Custom Pet Portrait Paintings

Contemporary Folk Art Style Portrait Painting of a dog by BZTAT

Contemporary Folk Art Portrait Paintings

Contemporary Folk Art Style Portrait Drawing of a cat by BZTAT

Contemporary Pet Portrait Drawings

Custom Digital Portrait of a dog by BZTAT          Custom Digital Portrait of a cat by BZTAT

Contemporary Digital Pet Portraits

BZTAT also has lotsa non-custom artworks fur sale, like this pawsome painting of me!

Brewskie Butt Cat with a Beer on the beach painting by BZTAT

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