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Yo. What’s Up?

Cat in window -Brewskie Butt
My new favorite spot

Hi there. It’s the Brew. What’s happenin’ in yer part of the world?

A lot has been happenin’ in mine. I moved again!

I’ll be honest, I don’t like movin’ much. But now that the actual process of goin’ from one place to another is over, I am pretty happy with the result.

We moved from a rather small and dank house in an urban neighborhood in Canton, OH to a spacious house in a suburban neighborhood in Alliance, OH. I gotta say, I am likin’ the place very much!

First of all, it has these wonderful windows! Although we are in a neighborhood, the houses are not very close together, and there is lots of foliage around. It seems more like we are in the woods than in a neighborhood.

Brewskie Butt Cat in sink
My second favorite spot.

Second, there are 3 bathrooms, which means I can sink-sit in 3 different places! I love to sink-sit. It’s like they make those things to fit my body purrfectly.

There’s lotsa room fur my human BZTAT to paint and do her computer work too. There’s a huge kitchen with big, long tables. Those are great fur sittin’ too.

BZTAT is always shoo-ing me and Who off of the tables and the counters. Silly human. Give it up.

There’s yard kittehs, too. I haven’t lived in a place where there were yard kittehs before, so this is kinda new fur me. I can’t tell ya how many time Mia Meow and I have banged our noses on the windows in spats with them.

BZTAT feeds the yard kittehs in the garage. These kittehs have been here awhile, and the human that owns the house has been good to do trap-neuter-return with them. We have some new ones that just recently showed up though, so they will be goin’ in fur their surgeries soon.

Maybe in a few days I will write a post where I introduce them to ya.

I can’t promise I will keep up with my blog any better than I have been, but I do have lotsa new things to share, so maybe I will be better.

Nice meowin’ with ya.

Just Meown’,

The Brew



Who is this new crazy mini cat in my house?

Mia Meow custom digital pet portrait by BZTAT
“Mia Meow” custom digital pet portrait by BZTAT

There’s a new cat in my house. She’s a miniature cat, and she is nuts.

I mean, she never stops. She’s always bouncin’, pouncin’ and trouncin’ on my world.

BZTAT calls her Mia Meow. You can read BZTAT’s explanation of how she came into our world here.

I am not sure what to think of Mia. She is not at all like the Slick cat, who, sadly, went to the Rainbow Bridge on Labor Day. I miss the Ol’ Slick Cat.

Mia does sorta have some of the same tortie colors that Slick had, but her personality is quite different.

I guess I can put up with this miniature little Mia Monster. I am not so sure about what will happen when she is not so miniature anymore though.

By the way, you know I am BZTAT’s spokescat, so I need to make a plug fur her. She has a new website, and she is making some new custom artworks these days. She now makes digital portraits like the one you see above of Mia. Why don’tcha check the new site out?

Just Meowin’,

Brewskie Butt

I’m not an Art’s District cat anymore.


I’m now a neighborhood watch cat. And there’s lots to watch.

We moved from the Canton Arts District because my human BZTAT was awarded an Artist Residency. You can read about it here.

Moving was a lot of work. I had boxes to jump in and out of, new rooms to explore, stairs to run up and down, and all sorts of things to chase through the windows!

It was exhausting, but I have to say, it has been a fun new adventure!

I haven’t written much here of late because I can be a lazy cat sometimes. But I thought I would check in and let folks know what is up.

I am thinkin’ of some new ideas fur this blog. Not sure where it is gonna go, but I am gonna try to get it a bit more active again. Stay tuned.