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I haz a meh.

Brewskie Butt in cat carrier
I was fakin’! Honest! I don’t need to see Dr. Jeff!

OK. I admit it. I woke up feelin’ yucky.

I won’t give ya all the details. Let’s just say that I didn’t want breakfast, and things were not comin’ out right the other end, so to meow.

But hey. I am a strong cat. I can kick this thing!

No need to take me to the V-E-T…

BZTAT gets so freaked when things are not right with me.

I hate the carrier and I hate the car ride. Why does BZTAT throw both at me when I am at my weakest?


Brewskie Butt at the veterinary office
This table is cold!

Now Dr. Jeff is a pretty nice guy as far as V-E-T’s go, but he did do some pokin’ and proddin’ that is really sorta embarassin’ fur a mancat.

He took some of my blood and shot me up with some subcutaneous fluids. Seems I was a bit dehydrated.

We will find out tomorrow if there is anything strange about my bloodwork, but Dr. Jeff says he thinks it may be connected to a recent food change I had. I did not have a temperature, and he did not think it was too serious.

Dog at veterinary office
Who let THAT in here?!!!

That’s good, cuz I really do not want to hafta come back HERE anytime soon.

I hafta eat special food, and I hafta take a pill every 8 hrs.

Brewskie Butt on a blanket
It’s good to be home.

But at least I am home.

I nibbled a bit on the special food late last night, and it wasn’t too bad.

Things are lookin’ up.

I will let ya know when I am back to myself. Fur now, think I will take a nap.



UPDATE:  I am feelin’ much better this mornin’, thank you. And Dr. Jeff says my blood work is normal. Still a bit meh, but I will be OK. Thanks fur yer concern.