Poetry Contest – Get yer rhyme on.

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Nov 282011


I am a cat called the Brew.

It is my desire to entertain you.

But I really don’t know how to write Haiku.


See how easy it is? If I can write poetry, anyone can. And to celebrate pet pal-ship, Pets Add Life is holdin’ a poetry contest fur kids to write poems about their pets.

When BZTAT was a kid, she used to write poems alot, and her favorite subject was writin’ about her cat Pyewacket. Do you know a child who likes to write? Have them pen a poem and send it to Pets Add Life. Look at what they could win:

  • A “by-line” in a nationally circulated magazine,
  • A $250 gift card for pet products, AND
  • A $1,000 scholarship for your classroom for pet-related education!
  • Six winners, one per grade level will win!
  • Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2012 at 5:00pm EST.

You can read all the deets here. Get writin’, kids!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the meow about the benefits and joys of pet ownership. Or, ya know, ownership of humans. Whatever, they think I am important, so they are willin’ to compensate me. But I only meow about schtuff I believe in, no matter what the compensation. Better be tuna, is all I can meow.

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

Jun 082010
Daisy the Curly Cat giving a paw bump

Daisy the Curly Cat giving the winning *Paw Bump*

It’s never easy to judge a contest, especially when all the cat-testants are yer pals.  And I have such creative and photogenic pals, it is REALLY hard.

My pals really represented fur my *Paw Bump* Blog Challenge, let me meow ya!  They gave some PAWSOME *paw bumps*!!!!!

Out of all the entries, though, I hafta say, Daisy the Curly Cat gave us a *paw bump* that is just really the cat’s meow. She is givin’ a fabulous *paw bump*, all the while balancin’ herself on a table and givin’ us a look that means bizness.

Concats Daisy! You are the Brew’s *Paw Bump* Blog Challenge winner!!! Daisy wins an art print by my human BZTAT for her winning entry.

I would also like to give some  Honorable Mention meow-outs to some other pretty special entries.

Special mention goes to Keiko who got her whole Kitty Trio to pawticipate. And my pals Boris Kitty, RumblePurr and Sparkle the Designer Cat gave some pretty special *paw bumps* too.

Gif Created on Make A GifThen we had this late under-the-wire entry from my new furriends at the Pet Meadow that came complete with video! So glad you guys decided to go with a photo shoot at a late hour!

All of the entries were fabulous, and I am so happy that you all gave a paw to this effort! Please check all the links below to see everyone’s post.

I am a little chagrined to find that Google images has still not caught up, so I am thinking that we will hafta continue to post *paw bump* pix with special effort.  We do the *paw bump* as a regular thing, so we need Google to know that, right?

Here’s all the links fur the *Paw Bump* posts:

Sparkle the Designer Cat Sparkle is always contending with the inane ways of her human, but always manages to come out on top. Luv ya Sparkle!

Tigger, Munckin, Jigsaw and Patches really showed us how to “Talk with the Paws”.

WallasEkatt doesn’t have a blog, but he sent in this fabulous twitpic. Thx Wallas fur all yer tweetin’ about the Blog Challenge pal!

Sebastian AKA Seabasscat sent in this great post with a reclining *paw bump*, reminiscent of my own style of *paw bump*. Love it dude! BTW–Sebastian is new to bloggin’, as he just recently found his furever home. So glad yer in the blogosphere now pal, and that you have such a wonderful new family! *PAW BUMP*!!!!

Keiko and the Kitty Trio, as I said before, Keiko really got the whole crew into some pretty dynamic *paw bump* action.

D’Artagnan Rumblepurr got some camera swattin’ action in on his *paw bump*.

The Tan Cats got pretty playful with their *paw bumps*.

Katie Ann Kitty Too showed us some of her human’s artsy renditions of her *paw bump*.

Here is the link to Daisy the Curly Cat’s winning post again.

The Island Cats have the Smacky Paw thing happenin’.

Peggy Mundell shared this wonderful foster kitten pic of a little guy with a big dream. This guy is gonna have a pawsome *paw bump* when he grows up!

Dash Kitten submitted this great pic of his sister Sienna givin’ a *paw bump* in her own special style.

Boris Kitty submitted these great *paw bump* photos. He also sent me this w Twitpic photo of a priceless *paw bump*. Get outa this guy’s way–he’s one big cat!

Samantha, Clementine, and Maverick really got into some sparrin’ with each other with their *paw bumps*. Yikes!!!

My great furriend Spike even got the dog in on the action!

Pet Meadow–What can I say guys? Yer pawsome! Even little Asia. The *paw lick* is such a cute new variation. So glad to meet you guys!

Thanks again to everyone fur pawticipatin’. This was a lotta fun!

So what kinda trouble would ya like me to stir up next?

Just Meowin’,

The Brew