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It’s my birthday and I’ll meow if I want to.

BrewskiBrewskie Butt Orange and White Cat Drawing by BZTAT
Drawing by BZTAT

Yo. It’s that day that comes around once a year where we celebrate one of the greatest things that ever happened. Yep, it’s my birthday. I was born some eleven years ago, or thereabouts.

Truth be told, No one knows the exact date I came into this world, but it was sometime in April, so April Fool’s Day seems to be the best day to go with.

Not that I am a fool, or nothin’. I can be a bit of a prankster, though.

Humans celebrate birthdays like crazy. They throw parties, eat cake, share presents, and have all kinds of fun.

Betty White had a flash mob on her birthday.

The world celebrates its birthday with fireworks.
Brewskie Butt Cat Pawty Animal
Art by BZTAT

I and my Twitter pals once held a Paw Pawty on Twitter fur my birthday that lasted 24 hrs and included critters from all over the world. After that, it grew into a big thing where there was a Paw Pawty every month to raise money fur animal rescues. There are still Paw Pawties happening on Twitter all the time.

I am not so much a pawty animal anymore. I tend to spend my time relaxin’ in sun puddles and chasin’ Mia Meow. But hey. Why not have a BREW and a nip cigar fur old time’s sake?
Whatever YOU do today, make sure it is purr-worthy fur my birthday, OK?
Just Meowin’,
The Brew

I am a finalist fur a BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Award!

BlogPaws 2012 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards - Finalist: Best Blog Video Check it out! My Rock Star video has been selected as a finalist in the BlogPaws 2012 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards fur Best Blog Video! I am so excited!

It is not a contest where you can go vote fur yer favorite, as there are judges that will make the final decision. But if i find out who those judges are, I will get you their info so you can send them nip and hooch and schtuff. I’m not above bribery, heh.

There’s some awesome competition, so, even if I don’t win, it is very rewarding to be considered among them. Check out the other videos, cuz they’re really good! Here’s some links:

Glogirly: “(Blog)Paws Crossed – the Video

My Favorite Pup: “Santa Paws – Santa’s Little Helper

Pepi Smart Dog: “Rainbow Bridge Guided Tour

And, of course, here is my video, in case ya haven’t seen it, or want to see it again!

There are lotsa awards in other categories too, so check out the finalists fur all different bloggy awards.

The awards will be presented at at BlogPaws 2012, on Saturday evening, June 23. My human, BZTAT, will be there, and I hope you will be too!

World Premiere of The Brew’s First Music Video to Kick Off the #BrewsBookLaunch!!!

Brewskie Butt Book CoverThe day is here folks.

It’s the day fur my Book Launch Pawty!!!

And guess what? Not only am I launching my book, I am premiering my very first music video to kick off the launch pawty!

The book is published and you can pre-order your book copy now. so far, I have been hearin’ very positive remarks from those who have received their copies. What are you waitin’ fur?

Get ready fur some fun feline frolicking at my launch party on Twitter. Here’s the scoop:

Brew’s Book Launch Pawty

Wednesday 1/25/12 from 6-9 pm ET

Follow Twitter hashtag #BrewsBookLaunch on Tweetgrid to join in on all the fun!

Soon after the start of the pawty, we will tweet a link to the video, which will not be seen until the pawty. You will be a pawt of history, watchin’ my first music video as it goes live!

The music in the video is provided by mine and @BZTAT’s dear friend, Jason Farnham. Jason is a musician from Canton where we live, and he is now living in Las Angeles, CA, pursuing his music career dreams. My role in the video? Well, you will see. I am the star!

Games, quizzes, contests and other craziness with artwork prints by BZTAT as prizes!

Barktenders will be servin’ from Brew’s Just Meowin’ menu. We have Brew’s Blend coffees, Beach Brew Beer, Meowgaritas, Dognac, Sloe Pup Fizz, Niptinis, Just Meowin’ wines, Brew’s Brew, and, of course, Brew’s Bacon Hooch!

Brewskie Butt's Just Meowin' Drink Menu

Hope to see you at the pawty!