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So I didn’t get to go to BlogPaws, and I am still sore about that. Especially since my friend @CosmoHavenese did get to go, and he got all kinds of attention from the ladies there.

But, I did get to see this fabulous video that my friend Frugal Dugal’s staff made. And I do get to be part of the “Be the Change Challenge”.

The video was presented in a session at the BlogPaws conference last weekend in Columbus, OH. The video highlights efforts by individuals to bring about change in the lives of animals in need.

The “Be the Change” panel – Lynn Haigh, Pawpawty creator and Frugal Dougal’s staff, Dr. V. from Pawcurious, Dorian from Your Daily Cute and Jane Harrell from Petfinder, threw out a challenge to the entire pet blogging community: Do something  to change the world for  pets in need, and specifically, do something to help raise funds for a designated pet charity.  Pets Without Parents was selected by a prize winner at the “Be the Change” presentation.

Bloggers from all over the world are participating in this challenge. So what am I going to do?

My human, BZTAT, is designing a T-shirt which we will put on our CafePress Shop, and all proceeds from sales of the T-shirt in the month of April and May will go to Pets Without Parents. After May, proceeds from sales of the shirt will go to our local animal charity, Friends of Stark Pound.

She has not completed the design yet, but I will post it here as soon as she has completed it. Gotta get on her to finish it!

Widgets for both organizations are in the sidebars of this blog if you wish to donate to one or both of them. Some grateful furry friends will be glad that you did!

So what will you do to be the change in your world today?

Just Meowin’.

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  1. Marg says:

    We did a ‘Be the Change’ post also. I have changed the lives of 18 feral cats so our Mom is really trying. She also wants to do a fundraiser soon for the spay and neuter clinic near here because she thinks it is so important to get the spay and neutering done, then we wouldn’t have so many homeless animals.
    Have a great week end.

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