Jul 042010
Patriotic Brew

painting by BZTAT

My human BZTAT painted this really cool painting of me fur the Fourth of July. I was all in favor of that. I am not in favor of all this bangin’ and boomin’ goin’ on to celebrate this holiday, though.

You would think that, for all the marketin’ that I do fur my city and all, they would have consulted me more about all these celebrations. Oh, but, noooooooo!

No one asked me about settin’ off these fireworks 2 blocks from my house!You know what I woulda said if they did.

Pullllllleeeeeeaaaase–If you watch the video below that BZTAT shot of our fireworks, adjust yer volume so as not to scare us kitties.

Oh yeah. And if yer interested in purchasin’ my patriotic picture, contact BZTAT.


Just Meowin’.

The Brew

  11 Responses to “Happy Fourth, yo. Now stop makin’ all that NOISE.”

  1. wow – almost feel like I was there. My kitties are all asleep and my little doggie is chasing a ball so it didn’t bother them. I kept the volumn low. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We agree! What’s with all the noise? Really, the closet is fine and all but we don’t REALLY want to spend the entire evening in there…

  3. Super pawesome painting of you. Your ma is blessed wif a fine tallent and a fine kitty.

  4. OH MY CAT What a RACKET!!!!!!!!!

  5. I hate those things! What crazy human came up with this whole fireworks idea anyhow?

  6. We love the patriotic painting my friend, you look so super cute!

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