*High Paw* to BlogPaws!

Brewskie Butt
High Paw Paw Bump from the Brew

I think the humans are finally starting to learn from us critters. I think that they are jealous of us, too.

They know that a bunch of us critters get together on Twitter to have fun and share ideas, and they know that we learn a lot from each other about blogging and other things.

So what did they do? They went and put together a pet blogging conference so that they could get together to have fun and share ideas too, and learn from each other about blogging and other things.

They created BlogPaws.

BlogPaws is shaping up to be the event of the century, folks. I gotta paw it to these humans. They have really pulled together something special here!

BlogPaws 2010 is the first-ever pet bloggers conference, where more than 250 bloggers, writers and companies passionate about pets will come together for networking, learning and fun.

Taking place April 9 & 10, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio, BlogPaws 2010 will feature keynotes, panel discussions, breakout sessions and social events.

There are top notch sponsors for the event, and the sponsors will be on hand to network with folks about their pet products and services.

There are dynamic speakers who will provide information about blogging best practices to enhance your blog.

There will be ample opportunities to network and build community. Yeah, I expect them to pawty a bit too.

And, much to my human’s pleasure, they will have pet art as well.

Best of all, the conference will be donating a large amount of the proceeds to animal rescue!

My human, artist BZTAT, will be there, as will fellow Shorty Award finalist Frugal Dougal‘s staff, who is flying to the USA from the UK for BlogPaws. Dougal’s staff will be one of the speakers on a panel where she will share some insight about the fabulous monthly PawPawty.

Check out the fabulous line-up of keynote and other speakers!

Is your human going to BlogPaws?

Here are some tips for making their trip to BlogPaws more economical:

  1. Enter the BlogPaws or Bust Sweepstakes, where you can win a round trip, coach air transportation to Columbus plus hotel accommodations for two nights at the Columbus Westin. Trip also includes admission to BlogPaws 2010, April 9 – 10, 2010.
  2. Use my human’s special code  VIP-VB when registering for a 20% discount off your registration.
  3. Use Priceline.com or Hotwire.com to find great deals on airfare and hotel rooms. BZTAT saved lots of money this way on her recent trip to New York City.
  4. Be creative in finding sponsorship for your trip.
  5. Carpool and share hotel room expenses by networking with other folks coming to BlogPaws.

Make sure that you follow BlogPaws on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest information about events and activities.

Hope yer human can make it to BlogPaws. My human can’t wait to meet them!

Just Meowin’.

The Brew


  1. Laura says:

    Awww, Brewskie Butt I shall miss you at Blogpaws but I can’t wait to meet your human there. Lily, Rocket and Rosie send you head butts.


  2. We can’t wait to meet your hooman, Brewskie. We are in awe of her artistic talent! And you’re such a good writer – we wish you were coming to BlogPaws, too!

    For folks looking for sponsors – first tap into your local pet community. Offer to promote your sponsor on your blog and at the event by wearing a T-shirt with their logo, or sharing business cards. Offer to allow sponsors to guest post on your blog and be sure to share the link with the BlogPaws community. If you need extra help, hop over to our Facebook page and connect there.

    We live to serve! Thanks for this great post.


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