Apr 132010

I HATE havin’ a sitter when my human BZTAT travels, and she sure has been doin’ it a lot lately.

First there was the Shorty Awards. Then it was BlogPaws. What’s next?

I hafta say, though, this whole BlogPaws thing has turned into a nip mine for me. Check out all the swag she brought home for me!

I got a new Cat Deluxe Furminator and lotsa treats and a Fat Cat Zoom Stuffer that is just the bomb!

There is lotsa other stuff too that I have not been able to get my paws on yet. Give me time.

I thought I would interview BZTAT about her experience at BlogPaws fur my blog here. Important questions first.

BREW: What did you bring me?

BZTAT: Brew!!!!!!!!!! C’mon now. Ask me something that matters.

BREW: Humans….You obviously do not know what matters to my readers, BZTAT. OK, I will ask you something else.

What was the best part about BlogPaws?

BZTAT: There were so many great things about BlogPaws, Brew, it is hard to say what was the best. I really enjoyed hanging out with the friends that you and I have made on Twitter and getting to know them in person. The sessions were very informative and I learned a lot of things that will help me catch up to you in the blogosphere. The keynote speakers were fabulous, and the sponsors and exhibitors were just amazing. And we showed you cats that we humans can pawty too.

BREW: Um, the friends I made and you kinda stole from me…

BZTAT: I sit corrected.

BREW: So tell me about the PawsArt Exhibit and Silent Auction that you were in charge of.

BZTAT: We had over 30 pieces of art from 11 artists displayed and auctioned off to raise money for 3 Pet Rescue organizations. We had a great exhibit that drew much bidding and excitement! We have not completely tallied up the actual proceeds, but it was a very worthwhile event!

BREW: I understand that my furriend Mozart Dane had artwork there, and that his staff took a picture of me home with her.

BZTAT: That is very true, Brew. Mozart and your paintings were a big hit!

BREW: So who were some of the most interesting people that you met?

BZTAT: There were so many! You know that I got to meet Lynn Haigh, FrugalDougal’s staff  in New York last month at the Shorty Awards.  We got to spend more time together, and we met up with other folks involved with pet rescue:   Dr. V. of Pawcurious; Dorian Wagner of Your Daily Cute; Jane Harrell from Petfinder, and Caroline Golon, staff of RomeotheCat, (BlogPaws cofounder). I got to meet your friend Sparkle the Designer Cat’s staff and talked to her about Sparkle’s books.

BREW: You got to meet the CUTE????? Sparkle’s staff? And all those others? I am jealous.

BZTAT: I also got to give belly rubs to your dear friend @CosmoHavenese.

BREW: You met Cosmo????

BZTAT: Yes, and I also got to meet the person behind the Furminator tweets and the Bamboo Fat Cat Marketing Director. And PetCareBev from Iams Eukanuba. So many others, it is hard to name them all.

By the way, Cosmo is going to be on my easel soon.

BREW: Yay Cosmo! Did you learn some things to where you can be at least half as smart as me about blogging?

BZTAT: Brew….

BREW: Just meowin’.

BZTAT: I learned lots of things from the sessions and speakers. And you and I are going to both be part of the “Be the Change” Challenge later this week!

BREW: I can’t wait for the “Be the Change” Challenge! So any last thoughts you’d like to share?

BZTAT: I just want to say that I was proud to be a part of the BlogPaws organizing committee who pulled off a fabulous first time event that was top notch, very professional but also lots of fun!

BREW: Well, thanks BZTAT for that very comprehensive summary of BlogPaws. I think it is time for some snuggling now.

Hope everyone that went to BlogPaws had as much fun as BZTAT did. Now we start planning for BlogPaws 2011…

Just meowin’.

The Brew

  3 Responses to “The Brew Interviews BZTAT About BlogPaws”

  1. Ummmm Brew she forgots to mentions da most impawtant one of all dat she mets…my momma!! And we gots to flies in da moonlight on a boogie mat too huh MOL hehehe

    Pawsome Interview!


  2. Hehe…I edited that out cuz the Rumbles was gettin’ jealous, Baby…Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

    The Brew

  3. A great interview, Brew! Too bad I couldn’t meet you, too!

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