We have a winner in my Furminator Contest!

Hairball Awareness Contest Winner - Jigsaw Puzzle

OK, folks, this was not any easy contest to judge. I had so many fabulous entries, I had to ask my pal Romeo the Cat to help me out.

The challenge was fur critters to tell me about how they rescued their humans in the comments of my post on National Hairball Awareness Day. I asked fur critters to answer the following questions: How did you find yer human, and how did you change their life around? How have you made yours a better human by havin’ you in their life?

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, told a very moving story.

Romeo and I decided, however, after much deliberation, that Jigsaw Puzzle of Talk With the Paws, was the one who best answered the questions.

Jigsaw told us about how he helped his humans get through the sadness of losing their beloved Soot cat, who went to the Rainbow Bridge eight months after Jigsaw arrived in their lives. He still climbs into one of his humans’ lap and sings to her when she gets sad about the loss.

Concats on winning yer whole family of cats a new Cat Deluxe Furminator, Jigsaw! *High Paw*

I wish that I could give a Furminator to everyone who told their stories, as you all shared very special stories. I was moved by them all. Thank you so much fur sharing them with my readers and me.

And thank you Furminator, Inc. fur sponsoring my contest!

Just Meowin’.

The Brew


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