Dec 102010

It Kinda slipped up on me cuz BZTAT’s been hoggin’ the puter. She posted a Holiday Paint-a-thon auction today, if you’d like to bid on some cool artwork.

So here are my Fabulous Five Cat Friday photos for the week:


Who using the trash can as a pedestal


Noah tryin' to catch a sun puddle


Okey learnin' how to relax

Slick tellin' the world to GO AWAY!

The Brew

Me playin' lookout

Hope yer Friday is Fabulous!

Just Meowin’,

The Brew

  8 Responses to “It’s Fabulous Five Cat Friday!”

  1. Looks like you make a wonderful look-out, Brew! And Okey is sure fitting right in, isn’t she? What an awesome story she has!

  2. Okey looks like she’s settling in well to her new abode! Such gorgeous kitties!

  3. I bet the five of you really keep your human busy!

  4. You is looking very majestic my friend!!

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