Oct 012012

Brewskie Butt cat oncomputerI learned an important lesson last week. Strange things can happen to computers.

Now humans will have you believe that cats are to blame when something goes wrong. I beg to differ.

Here’s the scoop.

Our web host where we register our domains starts sendin’ us emails to re-up several months in advance. BZTAT knows that they save the good deals up until a week before yer registration is about to expire, so she puts it off. But this time, she was really busy the week of the expiration, and she furgot. Oops.

That meant all of our websites went dead fur a time. Now she was on it fast, and she renewed before any damage was done. But fur some reason, my site didn’t come back up right. Her site came back up instantly, but mine didn’t.

So she called them, and they said wait 48 hours. We did. No luck.

Finally, I complained on Twitter, and they got it runnin’ again in a blink. Hmmm.

I apologize fur the downtime and I will try to make sure this does not ever happen again.

But there is a point here. Ya gotta be careful with yer stuff when yer really dependent on computers.

That brings up another issue that is separate, but similar.

Saving data. You know, all those gorgeous photos that humans take of you and other important documents you have.

My buddy Romeo the Cat told me about this great new product Surdoc that can help you do that, and they actually are sensitive to cat people. They came up with this cleaver infographic to explain how you can protect your computer.  One little catveat – we know that that they are projecting human behavior on us. WE are not the ones damaging computers.


Cat Proof Your Computer infographic

That last part about backing up online is a really good idea. And to give a paw to cat peeps to use it, they will give you a free 30 GB account, too, if you use the code CATPROOF. We are going to give it a try – you should too!

Although if ya ask me, I think the code should be HUMANPROOF. Just meowin’.

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  1. I agree about the humanproofing thing – I think we cats get the blame so often because humans are just trying to avoid taking it themselves!

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