Jun 182012

Brewskie Butt with Temptaitions cat treatsCats hate cars. We hate airplanes and boats and pretty much every mode of transportation that takes us away from our domains.

There are a few cats outside the mainstream that tolerate driving-flying-boating machines, but they are rare.

So while BZTAT takes a car and airplane fur her annual journey to meet up with her pet bloggin’ peeps at BlogPaws, I will be stayin’ home with our pet sitter.

And I will be takin’ advantage of the fruits of her labor. You see, Temptations Cat Treats asked her to blog fur them at BlogPaws, and they sent me the bestest of care packages!

Purrrrrrrrrrrr….Usually I complain when she goes travelin’, but not this time.

I am here to report that these treats live up to their name. They are very tempting!

I even like these in the photo that supposedly have goop in them. You KNOW how much I hate goop. I think it is a lie, but don’t tell BZTAT that.

Anyways, if yer peeps are goin’ to BlogPaws, come on over to my place. We’ll have our own pawty.

And no cars. Cuz cats hate cars.

Disclosure: Temptations has generously provided free product for this review and is sponsoring my humans trip to BlogPaws. I am happy to share my thoughts about the product, however, all of the opinions about the product are mine and my human’s and not dictated in any way by the company. Just meowin’.

  4 Responses to “Cats hate cars.”

  1. It sounds like you are going to have lots of fun while your human is off at BlogPaws, Brew! My human will be there too, and I’m having a big party on Sunday, which is Cat World Domination Day (also my birthday). So stop on by!

  2. We don’t mind cars so much, and we’d kinda like to ride in a Lamborghini one day…and treats? The only ‘treat’ we all agree on is Hill’s t/d dental diet (Teri says we like it cuz it’s high in fat, like she likes potato chips!) But, we’d love to party with you even if we turned our noses up at the Temptations! Oh, and be sure your BZ brings your treat from us back to you…we don’t think she will eat it cuz it’s made with sardines, hahameow!

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