Fabulous Five Feline Furminator Friday Fail

Furminator Fur Creature

You would think that, having an artist for a human, we would have been among the finalists fur the Furminator “Fur Creature” contest. You would be wrong.

When asked by Romeo the Cat to create a celebrity look-alike out of the fur from her fabulous five felines’ furminations, this is what BZTAT came up with. I am embarrassed to even show it.

While other creative cat ladies came up with interesting Lady Gagas, Angelina Jolies, Ellen Degeneres’, Katy Purry’s, etc., my human comes up with Anonymous the Hacker???

Yeah, well this is the same human who had the gall to put a bell around my neck.

Patrick FeltonI think that she was thinking her nephew Patrick was already the celebrity he one day will be. Hmmmm. Maybe Patrick is the infamous Anonymous

As big a FAIL as BZTAT’s celebrity fur creature was, though, the Furminator was not. We get regular furminations here, and it is a huge success.

The Furminator grooming tool is fantastic magic. Somehow, it manages to pull out that extra fur that otherwise would be pulled out by my tongue, and keeps it from getting in my belly. And that is a super good thing, because I hate hairballs, and I HATE HAIRBALL GOOP!

To celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day, the great folks at Furminator once again sent us a great Large Cat Long Hair deShedding Tool. We already have one, so we plan to give this one to the Tuscarawas County Humane Society Cat Shelter in thanks fur taking in some kittens from a feral cat colony.

The Furminator tools always get 10 paws up from the Fab 5 here.

Even if our humans celebrity fur creature was a FAIL.

You can see all the other creatures more creative humans made here.

Happy National Hairball Awareness Day!


  1. Team Brew: Don’t be so rough on your human… she did try! Our human did a fur-lebrity out of her idol, Ellen DeGeneres, and now can be certain she will never, ever be invited on her show, it was so horrible and embarrassing! The things we do for our cats….

  2. Sparkle says:

    I think Anonymous is WAY better than what my human chose to do! She just gathered the fur in a lump, put dark glasses and a hat on it and called it Cousin It. Talk about lack of imagination! Sheesh.

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